August 2018 Weekend Rundown


After another jaunt to the Marciano Art Foundation museum (it’s free! Just need to make a reservation)…

GO GET EM TIGER (Larchmont)
I love the Business & Pleasure here. It’s a set of three drinks - Espresso. Foral, fizzy tea. Almond Cappacino. This is prolly my second favorite coffee in LA behind G&B.

mole negro

This was solid. Dark, rich and complex. Hit in waves of spice and flavor. The dark chicken was ok. Also wouldn’t get the horchata again. It’s pretty dang toasty in the restaurant on a day like today, but everyone is very friendly. Tips are cash only. Overall, a positive first trip.

Bonus museum pics


Their goat and lamb barbacoa are great.


DeSano Pizza, at SteelCraft Long Beach…

DeSano: Salciccia, pepperoni, aglio, mozzarella di bufala…

Undercarriage shot…


Another great visit to Somni…


They let you play with the hand?


They let regular customers do a lot of things.


Hodad’s San Diego Ocean Beach!


Hi @Bookwich,

Thanks for the report back. :slight_smile: Yah we love Ichimian as well. Have you been to Inaba yet? (Ichimian’s sister restaurant.)

They get their Handmade Soba from Ichimian daily (they’re pretty close to each other distance-wise), and then you get the added benefit of the amazing Tempura Bar, delivering some of the best Tempura in the city (super light, not oily, fantastic). :slight_smile:


Breakfast carbs at ST patisserie


How far in advance do you have to make reservations?


Some fish and chips and msuhy peas from Salmon Tail in Stratford-Upon-Avon.

Hey, if @wienermobile can post from outside LA, then so can I. :wink:

Cotswolds and Edinburgh

Nice Fish and Chips!


Somni reservations (AKA tickets) are obtained through Tock. Tickets are released round by round. Next release is 8/6.


Hi @paranoidgarliclover,

Ooh nice! How were the Fish & Chips? :slight_smile:


We went to Lunasia in Pasadena. I had my map app set to Alhambra, but my navigator used his own app, so we ended up taking a Sunday drive along the lovely Arroyo Seco Parkway.

Our favorites:

Chicken Lettuce Wrap

Pan Fried Turnip Cake w/ XO Hot Sauce

We also liked the baked BBQ pork bao and the Hong Kong style roast duck. In addition we had siu mai, Shaghai pork soup dumpling, pan fried potstickers, and chicken fried rice. Good ingredients and nice technique on all the dumplings. Everyone liked the chicken fried rice except me; I didn’t like the small, skinny rice grains.

The only miss was the cruellers, which were very oily.

Nobody ate the spare rib that came with the “rice noodle and spare ribs” dish. The ribs were chopped up and there was lots of chewy bits (tendon?) on the bone, but that’s just us being white peoples, not the kitchen’s fault.

We had four people and ordered 10 dishes, plus tea. The bill was about $100 with a lot of leftovers. The service was great, very efficient! It was a fun morning.


Boba Guys at PlatformLA…


FYI, the Pasadena location only has a limited variety of dim sum compared to its Alhambra location.


Yes, I did notice the menu was somewhat abbreviated. Oh well, next time. :slight_smile:


Hi @J_L,

Those look fun. How were they? And what was the middle flavor? :slight_smile:


I always wanted to try Boba Guys.

@beefnoguy How is Boba Guys Hong Kong Milk Tea?