Bad Saint (Columbia Heights)


Probably talking to myself here, but it’s worth posting about.

Cliff Notes version: Bad Saint rocks.

The long, unabridged Moby Dick version:

  • The Kinilaw is probably one of the best tuna poke I’ve had, and also maybe one of the best tuna tartare I’ve had.

  • Ginisang Tulya (clams with sausages) is like surf and turf served in a puddle of meth-infused broth. I may never recover.

  • Ukoy makes me think that the Jews got the latkes thing all wrong, especially if they were kosher.

  • Beef Tapa may have been the one (sort of) downer in the meal as the beef was a bit dry, but the tangy, garlicky bite to the beef paired with a coddled, soft-boiled egg, and the garlic rice nearly made up for all of the beef’s brittle shortcomings.

Bad Saint
3226 11th St., NW
Washington DC