Bar Food --> Thunderbirds (Brentwood)


Bar Food closed a few mos ago, although there was never (AFAIK) a “For Lease” sign, making me think it’d open up as something else pretty soon.

Today, I noticed an application for an alcohol license. The eatery will be called “Thunderbirds” (or maybe just “Thunderbird”) and the backing company (or whatever the term is) is “Illuminati, LLC.” Anyone have any intel?


I didn’t realize “tacos” were Tex-Mex…

Is anyone familiar w/ the other places (bars) opened by this group? Is this place going to turn into d-bag central?


Using the vocabulary of the area, I’d say Surly Goat etc. leans closer to Grammercy and Solidarity than it does to Q’s and Cabo Cantina.


Haven’t been to Grammercy and Solidarity, but as long as it leans away from Q’s and Cabo Cantina, that’s all I need to hear. :wink:


The tacos and nachos at Q’s are decent (for a sports bar)