Bavel - Arts District


oh wait… thanks to this thread i just remembered we have a bavel res today… so uh… i need to NOT be going to shmorgasburg for lunch den


Enjoy, tovarisch…


Everyone was wrong. The only must was the couscous. Ordered a second one the second it hit our table without even tasting it, we just knew. And my carb hater of a partner was raving the entire time also

Awesome dinner. Everything was good, nothing disappointed. We all thought the lamb tartare was really cool. The cheese, the hummus impressed as expected. Octopus cooled of really quickly as the aps were dropped at the same time but still quite nice. Kid tore it up.

the hanging plants added so much to the ambiance.

consomme was crazy good… i think it came with the duck

this was a cocktails and beer kind of place for me. i dont really want wine with that food for some reason. just weird that way.

wish they had the dumplings someone posted up above

couscous was phenomenal… great with the tagine. the tagine made me crave a proper moroccan place… does anyone know one? a tagine experience should always be a plentiful one. it’s generous and richness and I never want to feel like sharing a tagine with the table means we need to get 2 of them. but i guess you dont charge a table $400 by giving them large dishes. I think i’d rather have it served it NOT a tagine so i dont have these feelings and associations


You crushed it!
And you are so right. That couscous is for real.


They weren’t wrong, it’s all about personal preferences. :smiley:

As for wine, apart from say the lamb or the beef dish, for my palate, the wines that work best with this food tend to be lighter and lower abv. Coastal whites, rose, beaujolais. So that may or may not be in your wheel house.


sure it is…


Everyone was wrong about what?


The ‘must have’ dishes.


foie gras halva - creamy pate, date puree, black sesame, buckwheat loaf
RIP #gonebutnotfoiegotten

duck 'nduja hummus - creamy garbanzo beans, jerusalem mix spice, herbs, pita
The hummus was smoother than marvin gaye in silk pajamas on a velvet couch.

(new) grilled lamb belly - meyer lemon yogurt, burnt cucumber, radish, chili herb salsa
Tender and fatty, but balanced nicely with the yogurt and pickles. I shall coin it ewe-toro.

fried quail - cardamom date sauce, pickled celery, smoked yogurt, fresh herbs
Crunchy, savory, sweet.

grilled prawns - harissa marinade, cured zucchini tzatziki, fresh herbs, lime
Still my favorite thing on the menu, smoky, sweet, spicy, creamy all perfectly balanced.

roasted cauliflower - hawaij chile sauce, lime leaf, creme fraiche serrano dip, pistachios, dried flowers

aged half duck - break kebab, confit leg, green amba, duck bone broth, chicory salad
I wish they still served this with the chopped liver and hearts. The duck bone broth is still unfortunately too salt. The breast and leg are still delicious with crispy skin and rendered fat.

rose clove chocolate donuts - bar au chocolat ganache, sherry diplomat cream

(new) coconut tapioca - passion fruit, basil syrup, lime zest, coconut tuile


Had a nice dinner here last night. Popping off on a Sunday night. Some hits and misses.


–Lamb shwarma. Remains a great dish with fantastic bites of chart, fat, and meat, balanced beautifully by the condiments. The pricing on it is also pretty fair.

–Hummus and Pita. I’ve come around on the pita. It’s different–it feels like the equivalent of whatever pizzeria mozza is to traditional neopolitan–but it’s great. Liked the traditional hummus more than the duck one. With the duck one, I just get no duck flavor out of it. It could be any meat.

–Farm Cheese. Glad I got this one. Delicious spread.

–Cucumber Persimmon salad. Not on the menu. Perfect salad, comes over some thick whipped yogurt, with the persimmons playing the perfect foil to the cool cumbers, pool of olive oil, and tart yogurt. Very nice dish.

–Prawns. Perhaps the best shrimp dish in LA.

–Licorice bon bon. Polarizing at our table, this is one to get only if you’re a licorice lover. The sour caramel was a revelation to me.


–Lamb saddle chop. Just a relatively boring, thin lamb chop. Did not do much for me.

–Oyster mushroom kebab. There is a lot of hype around this dish. It’s rare for me to be disappointed, but the flavors were just dull to me. The cook on the mushrooms was perfect, but they were lacking salt, and the sauce below basically had no taste to me. I would not get this again.


I love the bread with that Farm Cheese


Just my opinion: That Oyster Mushroom Kebab was no hype to me! I thought it was fantastic. If I was offered a nice ribeye steak or those mushrooms, I’d opt for the mushrooms (and I love steak!). The mushrooms have characteristics very similar to a charred steak, but without the heaviness (juicy, charred, flavorful).

I’ve been raving about those mushrooms to anyone that will listen!