Bay Fung Tong - Oakland


My Singaporean foodie hairdresser stronly recommended the salt & pepper squid ($13) and it was great.

Other three dishes were Luke Tsai recommendations. Typhoon shelter crab (I forget what they called it on the menu), very good, I don’t think I’ve had it before so no point of comparison. $18.95 / lb. came to $34.18.

Deep-friend sand dab ($13) was really good, nice crisp skin, moist meat.

Tong choi with fermented bean curd ($12), very good.

This was more food than the two of us could eat, took home some leftovers.

I’ll probably be back often since it’s two blocks from the Punchdown.


Was that you picking up wine at the PD yesterday late afternoon? (You, or whomever it was looked familiar, but I haven’t seen you in several years.) Funny, we were wondering where to go eat when we left - ended up at home piecing some stuff together.


I stopped in to buy some wine to take to a friend’s for dinner, yes.