Bees Wrap - Sustainable Alternative to Plastic Wrap


Sustainable alternative to Saran/plastic wrap. Getting great use of this product for wrapping cheese. No more huge box of plastic wrap from Costco for me.


So it’s a cousin of oilcloth?


Not sure but we like this product. Trying to be more eco friendly. The metal straws take getting used to.


I was curious about this product and found this review:


That’s a good review. Two weeks in and I like the product. Wonder if I’ll feel the same in 1-2 years if the wrap doesn’t stick as well or if the wrap is not as flexible. The price was high compared to plastic wrap but it has very good utility.


More stuff to wash isn’t green, at least not where I live.

Compostable cling wrap would be great, but so far as I can find there’s none on the market except BioBag, which in my experience tears too easily.


I’m not disagreeing with you but most people think it’s more green to reuse and wash with water than throw away. Plastic straws vs metal straws. Tupperware vs to go containers. Plastic wrap vs bees wrap. Washing dishes vs paper plates.