Best Dim Sum in Vancouver or Richmond?


Heading there next week and want to hit up some dim sum for lunch. I don’t care about price. I like things like tripe, chicken feet, deep fried taro root, chinese doughnuts, and then all the yummy things in wrappers!
Any suggestions?


Richmond is a target-rich environment…

Sun Sui Wah Seafood Restaurant
Jade Seafood Restaurant


Thank you for the suggestions!! Do you think the location matters for Kirin?


Both Richmond and New Westminster locations are good. I haven’t been to the other ones.


Chef Tony


Awesome sweet/sour lychee prawns.

Equally pathetic service. Even for a Chinese restaurant.


I’m so used to bad service when I go to dim sum, though the last time I went with a friend to Shanghai No1 Seafood, we had good service, probably because the waiter liked my friend. They even had us try their staff lunch. It was pretty darn good - an insanely peppery chicken.


The captain was quite good with our party when we last went. But yes, YMMV.


My husband is not a huge fan of dim sum, but does love truffles. I am thinking then Chef Tony over Sun Sui Wah - your thoughts?

Think we will try Kirin in downtown since that is close to where we are staying.


Yes, definitely Chef Tony over SSW.

As to Kirin, I think the new wave of higher-end HK banquet/dim sum houses (i.e. Chef Tony, Peninsula, et al.) has made Kirin a bit dated.

As an aside, if you like Buddha Jump Over The Wall, then you owe yourself a trip to Peninsula. I didn’t realize there was such a thing as abalone consommé until I had Buddha Jump Over The Wall at Peninsula.


Grrrr, now you’ve thrown a wedge in the workings! Peninsula or Kirin! I do like traditional, but I can also get traditional here in LA. The menu at Kirin hits all my faves - fried taro balls, tripe, tendon! But Peninsula looks good, too!