Best Dry Aged Steak in Los Angeles County?


if it’s vacuum sealed it’ll keep well. I have vacuum sealed dry aged beef from Flannery Beef that sits in my freezer for months.


Hmmm…maybe daddy needs a vacuum sealer for Fathers Day this year.


If I’m reading that sign correctly, they normally charge $32.80/lb for prime dry aged ribeye. At 50% off, that’s $16.40/lb, which is even cheaper than what I pay to buy prime beef in bulk and dry age at home. wow.


If I get there late in the afternoon and all the prime dry aged ribeye is sold out…

BTW I’m assuming you went to Wisconsin based on your handle. Always good to have another Badger on the board.


Just saw their IG post. 50% discount only applies to tomahawk, NY strip, and porterhouse. Still a fantastic deal!


There is only one Tailback Univ, and that’s USC :slight_smile:


I know USC by many names, and TailbackU is not one of them. TIL


lol what?


I believe dry aged beef freezes better than wet aged as there is less water in it. Meat is damaged by freezing when water turns to ice thus expanding and destroying cell structure, making it mushy.


If it’s not frozen when you get it, maybe not, unless you have a vacuum sealer and a chest deep freeze.


You’re in luck @tailbacku. Don’t buy them all before I get there.


Usually at high end places like this, they may vacuum seal for you. Bristol Farms does.


the Eataly sale was CRAZY. never seen a line like that at the butcher counter, and they had 3 guys there furiously breaking down the dry-aged sides of beef, but even then had already sold out of the tomahawk by noon, and had only limited/sorry-looking cuts for the ribeye and new york by that point. the 50% sale was great but a little too much, I think, way too much demand. I love the steaks there, though, and the meat quality in general, one of my favorite places now in LA to grab a steak or sausage to grill.


They held some tomahawks back for the restaurant.


I didn’t make it to the sale but when I saw the IG picture they posted of the line, man was I glad I didn’t go. No amount of discount on meat is worth waiting in a line like that for me.


I was also tempted, but wasn’t sure I would make it there in time to avoid the line. Smartest move ever to not attempt it at 11AM.