Best non-beef burger?


My vote goes to the Tocino Burger at Neri’s.

Y’know, Tocino – that rich bastard of Spam? - sandwiched with some citrusy mango-radish slaw and slathered with some nice garlicy aioli. Oh, and the ubiquitous fried egg, too. Good stuff.

What’s yours?


Nice . Filipino food needs more recognition . Lumpia , Lechon , etc… What’s not to like ?


Lots of it borrowed from Spanish and Chinese, with heavy emphasis on frying. I do like the desserts though. Overall it’s just ok in my book.


TBH Filipino food is my least liked food. Also chicken burger at Nomad


I respect your opinion . Maybe you have just had the restaurant garbage. If not A okay .


Badmaash lamb burger and those fucking pickles


Perhaps more than my share, you are right…


Belcampo’s lamb burger
Golden State’s lamb burger
Badmaash’s lamb burger

(RIP Black Hogg and their Buttery Lamb Burger :cry:)


I really like their pickled onions, wish those came on the burger.


Fat Burger turkey burger. It tastes like a real hamburger, but it’s not.

Also, vegan burger at In n’ Out. No meat, cheese, or mayo sauce, with grilled onions, lettuce, tomato, and pickle, ketchup, mustard. You can put a few fries in there for an extra kick, if you like.


Greenbird at Umami. Many times better than the beef burgers. I can’t remember the last time I ordered anything else there.

Also the 'shroom burger at Shake Shack. I get that instead of fries.


A Tocino burger? That sounds fantastic.

I’ve actually really liked most all the Filipino dishes I’ve tried. The one I’m less crazy about is probably the most common, adobo chicken. It’s usually fine, but it’s never EVER been great, at least to me. The soy vinegar flavor is usually both overwhelming and somehow boring.

But I appreciate any cuisine that adds an egg to any given dish as an extra. :slight_smile:


What makes the vegan burger at INO special if you aren’t getting their meat or sauce? You could get that same exact combo anywhere, no?


I don’t know, it just does. Maybe because they griddle the bun in the beef fat? :slight_smile:

And their lettuce and tomatoes are fresh and crispy and generous, not as an afterthought. A lot of places use plasticky, shredded lettuce and anemic, thin slices of tomato.