Best of 2 Chinese Specialties: Peking Duck and XLB?




Served with pancakes at the small, quirky and charming Joss in Beverly Hills on Little Santa Monica Boulevard.


ROC has some things that are tasty, but the XLB aren’t one of them. I respectfully but intensely disagree w/ trying the XLB there.


i have learned to wait when i disagree with someone, because someone else will offer a dissenting opinion in a much more gracious manner.


LOL. Good advice for me :slight_smile:


ROC makes the best XLB in the world. Perfectly plump, bursting with soup, redolent in porky goodness. Just fabulous.

And I say this having never been to ROC on Sawtelle, except to use their restroom.


and then there are those who deserve a truly snarky response.


Was that your Yelp review?


Truly an insider FTC snarky response…


Keth Gilabert, is that you??? :wink:


Wrong inside joke.


What??? Don’t harsh my buzz, man.


Great. Now I’m craving steak. Thanks a lot.


Well, you know where to go!


Come on. You’ve got to have a sense of humor about that one.


actually, i don’t have to. but i might.


although in another thread, someone went the other way and drew the wrath i would have incurred without my having to suggest that level of outrage. it balances out, though it is sometimes jarring to find myself agreeing with the professionally indignant.


Quadrupling down also works.


i suppose. but the more i learn, the more things i recognize that i know little about.


Lol this actually made laugh in real life!