Best Pizza by the Slice?


calm down and get a DeSano lol


California Pizza Festival
July 28-29, at LA Center Studios lot


il Romanista is awesome.

The fig, honey, brie and mint pizza is a revelation, as was the mushroom, caramelized onions and roasted garlic.


i once ate an entire 20" pizza by myself… about 40 years ago.

now that size pizza would last me a week.


Word. Here’s @President_Mochi’s report:

And my own:

To be clear, moreover, both Il Romanista and Triple Beam are miles ahead of the Roman pizza counter at Eataly.


The better question is between il Romanista and Triple Beam which one would you prefer.

Personally, for me that’s a pretty easy call.


Dear Il Romanista,

Our household raves about your Roman slices. But raving over pizza until 7PM is like having a 7PM curfew on fireworks on the 4th of July. Saturdays are painfully harder - 3PM? Big frowny face.

I have tears of joy for you sticking to your guns and balancing quality of life with your passion for working a crazy good pizza formula. High Five and fist bump.

I have tears of sorrow and pain when I consider the better part of an hour that it will take me to get from the Westside to your counter during rush hour. “It’s 6:10PM. Will I make it? Will Il Romanista have anything left?”

I don’t know if you’ve considered extending your hours a little bit more. As an alternative, what about pondering the notion of conquering the pizza world, one neighborhood at a time? Pax Romana begins in El Segundo. The Westside is ripe for your nexr glutenous Roman conquest.


Like I said above, I prefer Il Romanista.


Do we really need pizza delivered from NYC? Our pizza is good here now.


“NYC pizza is awesome” means “these 20 pizza joints are probably better than what you got, but the rest of our pizza is just as mediocre as yours”


If you get it uncut, does one pizza at Settebello count as a slice?

They have consistency issues, but when they get it right, it’s one of my favorites. Always just get the marg. Had one last night that was choice.

Also, for what it’s worth, I’m also on team il Romanista > Triple Beam.


Have you tried Baronies?


Thor, you can’t possibly mean the grotesque pizza served at Barone’s on Ventura in Sherman Oaks…im praying you’re referring to a new place


that is serious pizza eatin’ Bigmouth! the other 2 don’t do it for me but I sure will have to get over to il romanista



I gave Prime another shot. This time I got a pepperoni pie right from the oven… YES!!! This was excellent. I would’ve liked the crust slightly chewier but that’s just being nitpicky. Good little pepperoni cups, nice tangy sauce. Yeah this is an excellent “by the slice” pie.

Then I went over to Tomato Pie. About $1.50 cheaper than Prime. Their sauce not as tangy. Pepperoni was good. Crust was soft, much more like bread. Back crust reminded me of French bread. Similar to Rock ‘N Pies. If I lived in the area, I wouldn’t kick this pizza out of bed, though.

And BANG!!
Gracie’s. Had been there before and liked it. After having these other two places fresh in my mind I decided to travel back.

Definitely the cheesiest, greasiest, and thickest of the lot. The pepperoni are actually very tasty and you’d expect them to be overpowering given their size. But they’re not. This pizza was not quite as flavorful as the other two, but seriously cheesy…I mean stretchy cheesy. Again, not bad, but rich from the grease and cheese.

( I would’ve gone to a fourth place, but I was still kind of full from my Philippe double dip from earlier in the day LOL!)

Grimaldi’s is still my favorite pizza in LA area, though they don’t sell by the slice and it’s a bit of a schlep to El Segundo. Though maybe I’ll do a Grimaldi’s, Il Romanista, and a Union Pizza (deep dish) TripleBang.

But for today, in the battle of the Pizza By The Slice… PRIME PIZZA WINS.

Note: tired and using voice to text, so please excuse spelling and grammatical errors.


In the same ares as Prime and Gracie, check out Village Pizzeria for a very good Sicilian slice.


Wow, I forgot about that place. Larchmont, right. I don’t think I ever had a Sicilian slice from them. The regular pie was pretty good and they didn’t skimp on the toppings but that was years ago.

Thanks for reminding me.


OK, the second Sunday in a row I decided to break the old lo-carb lifestyle. So this is going to be it for a while (fingers crossed).

It’s Gr8Pimpin’s Sunday Pizza Bang Bang!!!

This actually started as a really bad pizza craving because I hadn’t eaten all day. It was 5pm, I was feeling lightheaded and had a headache. So of course that led me to Prime Pizza. No photos this time. Slice of pepperoni and a slice of sausage. Sausage was just OK, pepperoni was as awesome as last week. Tangy sauce not too much cheese, spicy pepperoni, crispy yet chewy crust. But as I am finishing my last bite, @ipsedixit ‘s Avatar popped up into my head and said…

So off I went. Village Pizzeria on Larchmont. Of course I had to get a regular slice too in addition to the Sicilian that was recommended.

The regular slice was actually pretty good. It reminded me of the New York style pizza we used to get in Little New York (Miami). Big foldable slice, a little on the greasy side and floppy. Had to fold. It was tasty, I would put it above Tomato Pie ( because that French bread type of crust is just a tad strange) but definitely below Prime.

Sicilian was totally different. I haven’t had a slice of Sicilian, again, since I lived back east. It’s deceptively light. You always think it’s gonna be a big square of dough but it’s not it’s actually pretty airy. Pretty good sauce:cheese:topping. Nice change of pace.

(I Put a tad too much Parmesan on it)

So I’m still convinced that Prime is still my king of slices. It may be a smaller version of what you’d get at an East Coast NY style pizza joint but it makes up in quality.

PRIME WINS in the slice department. Still prefer Grimaldi’s to everything.

—- OK I seriously over-ate and I’m in a carb coma, I need antacids and Pepto LOL


nice Gr8pimpin! i was beginning to doubt myself…personally, I’ve never been disappointed at Prime! …not the “kiss of death,” I hope!


LOL, yeah no kiss of death please!!

Mr. Maven, I have to chalk up my first visit to being a fluke. It was so completely different than my last two experiences. Prime is definitely craveworthy!