Best Pizza by the Slice?


calm down and get a DeSano lol


California Pizza Festival
July 28-29, at LA Center Studios lot


il Romanista is awesome.

The fig, honey, brie and mint pizza is a revelation, as was the mushroom, caramelized onions and roasted garlic.


i once ate an entire 20" pizza by myself… about 40 years ago.

now that size pizza would last me a week.


Word. Here’s @President_Mochi’s report:

And my own:

To be clear, moreover, both Il Romanista and Triple Beam are miles ahead of the Roman pizza counter at Eataly.


The better question is between il Romanista and Triple Beam which one would you prefer.

Personally, for me that’s a pretty easy call.


Dear Il Romanista,

Our household raves about your Roman slices. But raving over pizza until 7PM is like having a 7PM curfew on fireworks on the 4th of July. Saturdays are painfully harder - 3PM? Big frowny face.

I have tears of joy for you sticking to your guns and balancing quality of life with your passion for working a crazy good pizza formula. High Five and fist bump.

I have tears of sorrow and pain when I consider the better part of an hour that it will take me to get from the Westside to your counter during rush hour. “It’s 6:10PM. Will I make it? Will Il Romanista have anything left?”

I don’t know if you’ve considered extending your hours a little bit more. As an alternative, what about pondering the notion of conquering the pizza world, one neighborhood at a time? Pax Romana begins in El Segundo. The Westside is ripe for your nexr glutenous Roman conquest.


Like I said above, I prefer Il Romanista.


Do we really need pizza delivered from NYC? Our pizza is good here now.


“NYC pizza is awesome” means “these 20 pizza joints are probably better than what you got, but the rest of our pizza is just as mediocre as yours”


If you get it uncut, does one pizza at Settebello count as a slice?

They have consistency issues, but when they get it right, it’s one of my favorites. Always just get the marg. Had one last night that was choice.

Also, for what it’s worth, I’m also on team il Romanista > Triple Beam.


Have you tried Baronies?


Thor, you can’t possibly mean the grotesque pizza served at Barone’s on Ventura in Sherman Oaks…im praying you’re referring to a new place


that is serious pizza eatin’ Bigmouth! the other 2 don’t do it for me but I sure will have to get over to il romanista