Best Pizza by the Slice?


Perfect. I’ll pass. Thank you!!


More Lamonica’s for me!


Makes for a decently authentic NYC experience. Ymmv.


maybe this passes as NYC because I hear NYC has tons of cheap, shitty pizzerias


Lamonica’s provides what Anthony Bourdain called a “utility slice.”

It’s fairly cheap, fills you up, and doesn’t suck (but isn’t special either).

I think Lamonica’s is great party pizza. You can get a stack of pizzas, everyone is fairly happy, and the pizzas stay decent for some time.

If you’re going out of your way for Lamonica’s, you’re doing it wrong.

*Also, it tastes like college to me and you can’t take that away from me.


Yes. Exactly. It tastes like NYC.


Hear, hear…

A Lamonica’s slice brings me back to Dead Week at UCLA, except without the specter of actually having to study for finals. Bruins for life.


Is that a joke?





It’s alao where George Zidek would hang out.




More Il Romanista porn
New photo by Andrew Wilmar


Slice at Lamonica’s


Who wants to open a coop pizza spot to rule the city? FTC pizza, lets go lets go


how was it?




2-for-1 Monday, every Monday at Lamonica’s!


Don’t know why you guys think prime is the holy grail. I live a 3 minute walk from it and almost never go unless I have to… it is not good pizza or slice… mediocre at best.

Hard pass.


What is your suggestion?