Best Pizza by the Slice?


Go check out Superfine Pizza.


You’re missing something essential.


Eager to hear your slice recommendation.

If there’s something better, I must know :slight_smile: now!


Not a slice joint but people really need to go to Fahrenheit LA.


i’ve really enjoyed the slices i’ve had at Luchini’s in Hollywood…thought they are much better than prime IMO.


Thank you! Added to my list.

I might not even care if the pizza is any good as long as the Loaded Wagyu Chili fries are. Plus I can have a drink.

Well played. Well played, indeed.


looks very good in pictures
thanks Matt


Superfine looks very promising! Anyone have any undercarriage shots?


Where is this place? Is it a truck? They’re website has nothing but “stay notified” and “press inquiry” — no location/menu.

Open 4 hours a day isn’t very attractive either.


Steve Samson’s new slice place:

I was a little skeptical based on the description but the pics looks great. I can’t wait to try it myself.


Thank you! I could not find it even on yelp.


FYI Superfine Pizza is closed today.

(grumble grumble grumble…)


I popped into this place!

Not too bad, pretty light crust!

Which calzone do you like there ?


Got try a zucchini and squash blossom slice fresh out of the oven. Soooo good. The cold and creamy dollops of riccotta were the perfect accompaniment to the steaming hot pizza.


At Il Romanista right now, pretty dank


Such an odd location I’m glad I am close by. For Basketball fans there is a Laker’s store across the way towards the practise facility (anyone know if you can walk in and watch)


Pizza Jones, on the outskirts of DTLA in Boyle Heights, makes a very good Neapolitan-style pie, as well as a deep-dish pizza (that I did not try).

My litmus test for pizzerias is the Margherita and Pizza Jones’ was very good. On a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being best), this scored a solid 7. Good crust, could’ve been better with a bit more char, but had good chew and body. San Marzano tomatoes was a nice touch.

Pizza Jones
Located behind Weird Wave Coffee on Caesar Chazez and Soto in Boyle Heights


Does the drive and waiting time come into factor . Could it raise it a point ?


No. I just Uber/Lyft.


So does the car hire cost a ton more than the slice of pizza???