Best Pizza by the Slice?


Very good article about the pizza scene in LA. This time without the usual suspects being interviewed, refreshingly.


Thanks for sharing.


Danny Chau has been impressing me with his food writing. His Jonathan Gold tribute was well written too


Long time no see, Triple Beam!!

So perfect! Crust is crispy, yet pliable and chewy. I could eat 3 whole pies it’s so damn good!

Mixed Mushrooms, Fontina, Black Truffle Cheese, Sage

Pepperoni, Tomato, Mozzarella, Oregano, Extra Virgin Olive Oil

View of the crumb on the pepperoni

Didn’t get any but had to photo it:
Asparagus, Ricotta, Mozzarella, Fontina, Chili flakes

Ok, maybe I couldn’t eat 3 whole pies, they’re pretty big. But I could put a dent in them.


Finally, had a chance to try some slices…I made it to Il Romanista and loved it…But id honestly need to have them next to each other to compare… id go with Triple Beam by a couple points…

also, had a couple excellent slices and thoroughly great time mid afternoon at Pizza Lupetti…we had reheated slices which were excellent…saw a couple gorgeous looking fresh pies go by…next time!


please try Chad Colby’s Roman Pizza at the The Fields.
there’s free parking when there aren’t any games at the stadium.
I would love to know what you think @lapizzamaven


I’ll def try and get over there, Hungrydrunk…im a sucker for this Roman style pizza


Enjoyed this gruyere/‘shroom/egg slice from Gjusta yesterday. Purchased to-go in the morning then heated at 325-deg for ~8 mins for lunch. It was heavenly, albeit a bit messy :grin:.


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And there it is, I’ve killed it.


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Anyone try this place? Not sure when it opened. “Authentic” and “a slice of New York” on their signage.

Michael’s Pizza
7454 1/2 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles.


Free slices at prime for voting today



Tried a couple of slices at the new Paperboy Pizza in the Gallery Food Hall on the Third Street Promenade. Pictures looked promising but the pizza was kind of meh. The sauce, in particular, was sweet and insipid. Also, the crust was too crisp at the cornice and not crisp enough at the tip.

Pepperoni and Margherita



Sometimes pictures can be deceiving if I was going by your pictures i would think that those slices were delicious


yeah looks pretty damn good


I know right? I’m trying to remember the last time I experienced such a disconnect between sight and taste. I might give a fresh pie a try in hopes the hard crust was because the slices were’t fresh. But then the sauce was so disappointing too.


I’m gonna have to check it out. After eating Best Pizza in Brooklyn last month i think I’m ruined forever on pizza by the slice. (Di Fara is still better imo)


Very curious to hear what you think. Hopefully my experience was just opening week jitters because the visual appeal is clearly there.