Best Pizza by the Slice?


Answered my own question. (I posted this in the Michael’s Pizza thread)

I stopped in today and got a couple of slices, one pepperoni and one white.

The white slice was from a pie that had been out of the oven not more than a 5 or so minutes. They dalloped the ricotta on the whole pie, pulled my slice out and gently warmed in the oven.

My pepperoni slice was from a cheese pizza that had been sitting there half gone and it looked like it had been there a while, though it did not look “old” at all. They did the usual like other places, applied the pepperoni and threw it in the oven.

I should preface by saying that generally I cannot stand reheated slices. I almost would rather have a lukewarm or cold slice then one that’s been reheated.

The cheese was abundant and stretchy on both of my slices.

Tthe white slice ($4.00) was exactly what I expected. The crust was chewy, slightly crispy though the back rim was pretty crunchy. But it was nice and garlicky and cheesy.

The pepperoni ($3.50) was… well… a reheated pepperoni slice. It worked out OK for the majority of the slice but the back rim was two crunchy and I was afraid it would be not so good for my teeth :slight_smile: but I thought it was not quite as tasty as a reheated Prime slice and not as good as a fresh slice from Prime. I think Prime’s pepperoni, sauce and cheese are more flavorful. I would like to try a Michaels pepperoni pie fresh from the oven, as I think it would be MUCH better, given my experience with the fresher white pie.

BTW, the slices here are bigger than those at Prime.

If I lived in the area, I would absolutely frequent Michael’s and both of the guys there were super nice!!


My experience with Michael’s was meh at best.

Had a plain slice and the white pizza. Cheese on the plain slice was weird. Crust was decent.

White pizza was good but not great.

Down to give them another shot but it seemed they were way understaffed. They kept pushing back the opening date.

From NJ, my vote is for Apollonia. If ordering a pie, I ask for extra sauce - normally doesn’t have enough for my tastes.

Village Pizza, Prime, Lamonica’s, Delicious Pizza, Vitos… Tried all of them and had mixed experiences. Wouldn’t tell you guys about Apollonia’s except I love them and don’t want them to close due to Purple Line construction.

FYI - sometimes the move is to ask for the crust extra crispy or well done. Gives the pie a nice crunch to it that you get from reheating.

Edit: I’m only talking plain cheese here guys. Down with other types but I usually judge by the classic.


The easy answer for me is Superfine in DTLA. The escarole pizza is my favorite.


Anyone know anything about this place that’s opening up in Sherman Oaks? It’s about 1/2 a block east of Midici.

Is it really the same owners as this place pictured in the photo. That sign looks similar including the est 1966 claim too. Or is it an intentional fakeout? Any New Yorkers here to chime in?


I have the internet so I can see that they don’t have grease chalices.

This square pizza sure doesn’t look like Prince St.


I agree, that is an important component to pizza enjoyment.

I can’t find anything about this place coming soon to Sherman Oaks.


For my own contribution, not LA but you can find grease chalices at Pizza Rock in LV. Conveniently walking distance from Flock n Fowl.


Did the stars align this time around?


They sure did. Didn’t quite reach 5/7 levels for me but it was good / cheap / convenient and I’d do it again.




I always thought of Damiano’s Mr Pizza to be of the “it’s open late” variety. I was very glad when they moved on-- it had its time and place in LA, but now there’s so much better out there.

Prime is the one opened by the Golden State guys, right?

So strange reading about all of the changes in my old neighborhood. (I used to live 2 blocks behind Canter’s)

Mr Taster


Story time. I was an immigrant kid in Boston (Brookline), a freshman in highschool. As immigrants do dad took the kid who is getting English much faster around with him trying to find a job (pizza delivery, he was able to smuggle cash out of USSR(another amazing story actually for a different, not delicious thread)). So here we are going from a pizza shop to a pizza shop trying to talk to owners with a mix of 14 year old immigrant English and sign language.

Then one man name Feliciano took an interest in us. With intense eyes and a deep tone he asked us questions about our Armenian fugees story. When he found out that I learned the level of English I was at in the first 2 or 3 months in the US he offered me the job (in house, not delivery) in front of my dad instead of him. I had to translate this to my father lol. He still tells this story at parties. Dad did eventually work there for a while as well and scraped enough to start a small coffee pushcart business, that he grew into 3 whole cafes, eventually losing the battle to Starbucks who appeared all over the place right next to mom and pop coffee shops.

But back to the pizza. This shop in Brookline was owned and operated by guys from Abruzzi and Naples and made the most incredible pizza that I was slinging by the slice at the front counter along with ridiculously good subs. I worked there the whole time while in highschool. Wasn’t easy being right next to BC and all the white hats but the pizza was superb. I still remember every nook and cranny of that place and have recurring dreams of still working there (formative years and all that)

These days I hear it’s just a shell of what it once was but still better than most of what we have here.
Sorry random i know.

best pic i can find… 25 years ago the crust was fluffier. when it came out of the oven, especially if Paluch or was making the pizzas that shift it was ridiculously hard not to cut a slice for yourself


The Sicilian slice at Lupetti is very good.


Great story! Thanks for sharing. I’ve always wanted to start a thread about what posters do, etc. but figured everyone would prefer privacy.


You should. Whoever wants to share will. Of course that was a long time ago and I no longer sling pizza


Yes prime is run by the golden state guys


You are so interesting!


What is “BC?”


Boston College. Nice private Jesuit school known for Doug Flutie and the highest tuition of any school in Boston (a town which is also home to Harvard, MIT, BU, Tufts, etc.)


School maybe nice but it is filled with a whole lot of not nice. Unfortunately we were open until 1 am so we served the drunk crews too