Best Pizza by the Slice?


Great read! Thanks for sharing!


Pino’s in Brighton ?




what a great story
thanks for sharing


I shared a regular pie at Lupetti and it was excellent…gotta get back downtown!


A “Joe’s Pizza” just opened up in Sherman Oaks. Haven’t been there yet.

15030 Ventura Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 91403, I think that’s the same shopping center where the Starbucks is located.

I wonder if it’s related to the Joe’s in Santa Monica, though I don’t recall them serving Grandma Pies.

Wasn’t there another local chain of Joe’s Pizzas that we’re in a few malls here?

In any case, this one delivers and delivers slices as well.

EDIT: It looks like it IS the one that used to have a location in the Fashion Square Mall.

Here’s the website:


pretty positive these are all the Joe’s chain which grew out of downtown Santa Monica


this is the Tony Gemignani pizzeria in Vegas! he’s master who keeps opening new places…his Tony’s Pizza Napoletana and the next door Coal Fired Slice Shop are as good as it gets1


was there today for the first time…the best!


That slice. Drool.


Different Joe’s. Turns out this is a chain that grew out of a location, near Melrose or Sunset.

I had been to the one when it was at fashion square. Meh.

Had a slice the other day at the new location. Much better than the mall version. Serviceable. Crust was slightly crisp with some decent chew. Reminded me of prime but the sauce and pepperoni not so much. Went to Mulberry as a compare and Joes was better.

Amazing how fairly tasteless the Mulberry was.

Like having this Joe’s close by for a quick fix, but if I have the time I’m making the drive to other places.

Waiting to see what this Pizza Wagon of Brooklyn brings to Sherman Oaks.


Im amazed, Gr8pimpin…I thought the one on Sunset nr Crescent Heights was all part of the same Joe’s…been ages since I’ve been to either Joes or Mulberry, both of which were once pretty good!


Mr. Maven, years ago I thought Mulberry was pretty good too (I think Grimaldi’s has ruined me) This slice was fresh from the oven and still shockingly tasteless. Good thing I had just come from a market and had some fresh grated reggiano in the car… to the rescue. :slight_smile:

The crust wasn’t bad.

I gotta get downtown and get to that Superfine.


yeah, get thee Downtown!


I do stop in to Mull on Ventura once in a while and it’s still good


Tony’s Pizza Napoletana in SF had such serious problems with consistency that I stopped going, or to be precise I can’t get anyone to go with me any more. In 2012 I counted 17 different styles of pizza from seven different ovens and a deep fryer.

The Vegas branch might be more manageable. I count six styles from three ovens, and they probably don’t have as much trouble hiring and retaining staff as places in SF do. Try the meatball appetizer.


I never tried anything but the Margherita with sausage, which was always perfect…he’s a bit of a crazy man with all those styles…I don’t see the point…I was at the Coal Oven joint next door and twice had great pies


Same. Tony’s coal oven pie is probably my second favorite pizza in CA after Grimaldi’s.


has anybody (@TheCookie) tried the fucking friday square slice from apollonia’s?

i haven’t and looking at the pictures i may need to correct that this week.


Oh wow, looks like they’re coming back. We used to eat at and order from Apollonia’s all the time (better when you eat it there, btw). They kinda’ went downhill for a bit. But we’ll get on that. Hubby will :heart: those pepperoni cups.