Best Pizza by the Slice?


Never heard of this place but looking at pics on Yelp, looks pretty fantastic.

Odd that they use two different types of pepperoni. I wonder if you can request the cups instead of the generic ones.


They have a really good Margherita Pizza which is not usually my favorite, because I don’t like chunky tomatoes on pizza (makes it watery) and can only take so much basil. But this one has thin slices of everything that just melt into the oils making the toppings one with the cheese. Disclaimer: I enjoy eating pizza at Apollonia’s more than delivery.


I have. They used to have it on Saturdays too. I thought it was very good, but not quite as insanely great as the pictures looked. My recollection was the basic pepperoni one was better than the hot honey one.


I am always a fan of crispy cheese edges.


Wow, good find. Will try soon.


Apollonia’s Pizzeria
The Friday Sicilian slice. Totally craveworthy.

They top it with a fresh, chunky sauce and I couldn’t tell if it had lots of olive oil in it or if they drizzled it on top. (It was dark, nighttime, and I couldn’t tell) but this really worked for me.

Good thing I don’t live anywhere near this place and that this is available only on Friday’s.

Also, in keeping with my tradition of totally overeating, I got a slice of pepperoni too.

It was a little too cheesy for me, but since it was a reheated slice it was hard for me to really judge. Not sure I like the sauce. Seemed bitter.

I would like to get it fresh from the oven. The pies they were slinging and serving looked pretty damn good.


Got it

3 photos of the same slice… shhhh, don’t tell catholiver.

I know I said eating it there was best. We called to see what was available and were fully prepared to go, but the guy said it was early, they weren’t busy and he could get it to us fast (1/2 mile). It was raining, so why not? They will deliver deep dish slices if you also order a pie. We ordered a sausage & mushroom pie, a slice of deep dish cheese and a slice of pepperoni & fresh burrata, drizzled with - avert your eyes @lapizzamaven - hot honey! I’m no deep dish expert but this was delish. I’ve always liked their sauce. The crust was like the marriage between focaccia & pizza dough. I try not to be too heavy handed about my opinions on the pork industry, but I think most folks know my thoughts by now. Anyway, I tried both the pepperoni and the sausage for research sake. :wink: I was surprised at how enjoyable the sausage was (not normally my go to pork product). It was not chewy, gristly, but soft and flavorful with the right hint of fennel & spices. Apollonia’s can be a little heavy handed with the sauce & cheese for some folks, but it’s what I like about them. Yep, we enjoyed it!

Thanks @PorkyBelly.


WOW - things of beauty! We unsuccessfully tried to eat at Grimaldi’s last night and settled for Shake Shack. So your pics are torture!


Holy crap dat looks good!


PorkyBelly, that square slice does look great…will have to try it!


Hey bulavinaka…why was Grimaldi’s unsuccessful? crowded? closed?


Super crowded because of the AFC game. We were fifth on the waiting list at the time of the coin toss for overtime. Waited the 15 minutes they said it would take and we were still fifth on the list so we went across the street to Shake Shack.

I’m still seriously jonesing for pizza so Grimaldi’s is still on the play list. Those crazy pizza porn pics by @TheCookie are of a totally different type of pizza experience that I would love to have as well.


wow that looks great, thanks for the report. are they still only offering that on fridays? what time did you order? do they call the square slices deep dish? i always refer to it as sicilian.


Damn that’s a power pairing!


Thanks y’all.

This was actually on a Sunday when they posted on Instagram that they’d have #SquareSlice at 4pm. I called ASAP. Thanks for correcting me. I don’t have my pizza lingo down. So there’s deep dish (Chicago) and square, thick crust (Sicilian)? Got it! So, correction about Joe’s having deep dish @lapizzamaven. It’s Sicilian.


Thanks @TheCookie @PorkyBelly @Gr8pimpin and all. So would you say Apollonia’s is best for those individual square slices / Chicago-style pizza (served only on Fridays)? Or their regular whole pies?


bulavinaka, that is a great looking square slice…the other, not so much


thats what I thought, Cookie!


Yes they upgraded to these squares several months ago. Somehow I kept forgetting about it


Hi @Chowseeker1999 -

It’s hard for me to completely recommend Apollonia’s, especially to one as discerning as yourself. :wink: They came out with a blast, offering unusual pizza toppings like rattlesnake, alligator, lamb, chorizo, duck, interesting combinations, gluten-free, yada yada, as well as the traditional toppings. I was trying to limit my intake of “factory farm” pork products, so I loved it. Pizza had become boring to me, because, let’s face it, half the fun of pizza is the salty, greasy, porky goodness. My only alternative at most places was plain cheese, margherita or white pizza with dry slices of chicken breast. I was in pizza heaven. But the quality and care started to slip (I’d post pictures but they seem to be making a come back so I’ll leave it at that). I think the block closing down for train construction also hurt the businesses. Anyway, this is the first time we’d had their pizza in a very long time and I’d have to eat more to give a better assessment. Yes, the pictures are great and I really enjoyed the pizza :yum: and they’re close to home, but for some it could be as @Haeldaur says “very good, but not quite as insanely great as the pictures”. I’d be really curious to read what devout pizza lovers have to say about their pizza…

It looks like they’re now serving the Sicilian slices Friday, Saturday and Sunday.