Best Pizza by the Slice?


That kind of goes for all food, yeh?


Yup. I’m sorry LPM feels so strongly about certain characteristics of pizza, e.g., bready, salad, etc., so I just thought I’d counter.


Unless it’s a cheeseburger. And you’re kosher.


We don’t discuss politics or religon at the dinner table, dear.


Obviously, you’re at the wrong table.


Oh, hush you. And finish your Chinese turkey.


certainly, to each is own


yep, no big deal to me what others eat, just my opinion…i took 2 bites out of Abbots…no mo!


it might be Wolfie, not sure


Just me, but I find “hate” to be a very strong word. Despise, detest and abhor, along with famine, child abuse and Magic 8-ballism go hand in hand with hate. Not trying to stifle your passion for your passions, but I seem to antagonize your pizza pet peeves. :slight_smile:


Bulavinaka…please, your a respected veteran in these parts and nothing you say upsets me…hate, detest, despise accurately reflect my feeling about many things but i in no way am offended by yours or anyone else’s food(in this case pizza) preferences…im particularly passionate about pizza, hence, the strong language…no offense intended…by the way, i had another great pie at Gjelina tonite…no pictures/too dark…but theye really improved their crusts…my first few years eating there i often didnt even order a pizza because the crust was so disappointing…no longer the case and i happened to look in at Gjelina Take Away…looks great…their great pies by the slice though very pricey…might as well buy a pie…$5 for a plain slice…up to $8+ for a meat slice…a little crazy…their sandwiches look great!, too


Thanks for the FYI @lapizzamaven. :slight_smile: Like you, I wasn’t that impressed with Gjelina’s pies early on. Good to know they’ve improved that area.


yes indeed, chowseeker…3rd time in a year…excellent crusts, the key to great pies!


I really enjoy the slices from slice truck great NY style slice a little bit crunchier (than true NY) but good cheese and they always top slices with fresh paremsean and basil if you ask them to


OK. You still rock. :+1:


I like the slices at 2 Saucy Broads in Fullerton. Also a very crisp crust with good sauce that is not too sweet (my biggest pet peeve). Bonus for good garlic knots and willingness to bring to Bootleggers.


I really need to give Prime Pizza another shot. What’s the lunch special? Any particular favorites?

I really like Slicetruck, too, especially the square Grandma pizza. I know what you mean, though, about the crust on the round slices. It’s tougher than most NY-style pizza. I think it has something to do with the flour they use.


Like $7 or $8 for 2 slices and a drink. Any 2 slices!!

I’ve only been once. Sicilian is a far, far cry from NYC, but slices were quite good, and large.


Just tried it last night for the first time (both the regular cheese and Grandma). The slices had cooled off b/c I went to go grocery shopping for a bit b/f going home.

Thought both were quite respectable. The regular slice is paper thin. Wouldn’t support more than thin layer of toppings, I think. Found the Grandma more enjoyable just b/c there was (literally) more substance. Both had good chew. Not bad for a late-ish night snack… :slight_smile:


stopped by Prime Pizza yesterday and had 2 excellent cheese slices and a soda for $6. They’re so much better (and cheaper!) than the slices at my local, the eternally disappointing Town in Highland Park. And following it up with an espresso and a donut from Cofax is fucking killer.