Best Pizza by the Slice?


How is Joe’s worth a visit? Prime is still my go to in the neighborhood.


i think so. i love joe’s. i’ve been pissed off with prime after their bait and switch so i almost never go.


k I’ll definitely check them out sometime, trying to go low on carbs this month but have to make an exception.


no exceptions! you’re either low car or you’re not :stuck_out_tongue:


Joe’s on Sunset?


Lol depends on the day of the week. Tomorrow I decided I’m going to Jon and Vinny’s for lunch


Hail Mary Pizza is pretty good, regular and roman slices.


Maybe it’s just photography but this looks f-ing good!


I’d eat that. I actually feel like I have had a pie like that - made by you. Pretty damn good.


Is that grease or honey? Either way, I’m in.


Honey… it’s the new thing. It’s good. @lapizzamaven hates it. :grin:


I’m with him. Not a fan of honey, in general, so put it on pizza… GHASTLY. It ceases being a pizza. Like a blueberry bagel… yeah, not a bagel… why stop there, let’s have glazed pizza donuts. :slight_smile:


I hate blueberry bagels. :grin:


now if we could only get a pizza with pineapple and honey! yum


Now you’re going too far. Even I have limits.


Marshmallow and Gummy Bears!


i mean you obviously need to add pepperoni and jalapeno to balance out the sweetness. #moreismore

Ok I like hipster pizza as much as the next chowhound but sometimes I want my pizza to look like this one from Pizza Port #notashamed.



Ain’t nuthin’ wrong with the occasional Pizza Hut.


yep, keep the honey on your own pies…but my disappointment last Friday went to Appolonia’s to try the Sicilian…and lo & behold, I find out they open at 5pm!..damn…will try again this Friday


Pizza port with a pitcher of beer is always good time after a long day