Best Pizza by the Slice?


Grandma slices from Slicetruck. The round pizza is good but the grandma is great imo.


Good heavens. That looks stunning!


What about that looks stunning? Looks like a square pizza.


Tastes as good as it looks!


what do you think of Village Pizza?


Luluthemagnificent, i can only rate “Village” an OK…i know people luv it but…


Would they be The Village People?


Ipse - a square, really GOOD pizza.

Little caesars sells a square pizza and, sadly or happily - their photos of it do not make me happy.

The slice truck? Looks happy.


I loved the Little Caesar’s sicilian when I was a kid… I have never tried it as an adult…


Probably for the best…


You kill me.


Way back when in college, I was part of the student chapter ACM. At one of our meetings the president decided we would not be ordering dominos or pizza world (the standard college level of cheap and edible) but getting TWICE as much pizza pizza and we could feed the meeting cheaper and use the extra for, I dunno. Copying costs for the newsletter. Which we printed. And copied. On paper. For the computer nerds. That’s how long ago this was.

We got the pizza. It was like someone rubbed a ketchup stained napkin over the dullest loaf of white bread imaginable and sprinkled it with melted white cheese textured food like substitute.

It was so bad 19 year old nerds would not eat it. For free.

The president was forever relieved of pizza duties.

Little Ceasers exists as the Mississippi of pizza. A place that Sbarro’s (the Alabama of pizza) can look at and feel better about itself.


Tough crowd! I’ll fuks with a Hot N Ready from Little Caesars with some Tapatio and Cholua getting their freak on over some cheap cheese. Can’t always have a pinky finger up sipping wine spritzer rating each other’s farts like alcoholics on Beer Advocate. Appearance? Mouth feel? LOL

I wouldn’t mind eating a pizza at Gjelina with some models while laughing at Jeremy Piven’s height and bald spot (I bumped into Mr Ari Gold himself here). I also happily eat some Costco Combo Pizza at my little cousin’s tea party next to Mr Horsey. Or if some UCLA girl wants 800 that’s fine cheaper than Mozza. “Will you be having the Butterscotch Budino, Sir?” No fuk off

I am Pizza-flexible and also a little tipsy while writing this.


This is, sir or madam, one of the great FTC posts. We should really keep a running tab is some other forum on the board. :smiley:

Sadly enough, your vaguely tipsy post still contains fewer typos and grammatical errors than do my total sober ones… ::sigh::


Now that’s a critical pan pan!


The typos are the salt and lime of the tequila. Scratch that - they’re the rum backer to a three year-old Chimay blue-cap.


Looks like Baronie’s which IMO is classic.


bigger yuk!


Tried the salad pizza at Abbott’s. Not a fan. Honestly was kind of exhausting to eat it–the salad was mostly just “okay”, same for the bread, and it was very one note. If you got this as just a salad, you’d be annoyed–just an overwhelming feta/lemony taste without much there. Also, it was $6–might as well go to GTA.


Right now, in DTLA, Pizza Next Door 98th St.) is the only acceptable slice for me. 800 Degrees and its clone (in the 7th/Fig Center) don’t do slices, the place with the subway tile (which used to be LaMonica’s, I think) is really underwhelming, Johnny’s (2 or 3 locations downtown last I checked) equally so.