Best Pizza by the Slice?


the acidity is what kills me so i can never do it anymore… also i stopped buying it when they did away with the weekday specials…


So Cahuenga around Selma is super fun these days, loads of bars etc… well now there’s a slice shop called Luchini and it’s not bad! Had 2 slices after too many cocktails last weekend and wanted a 3rd… And it’s a full bar… and it appears there maybe a speakeasy in the back or something

as usual there’s a huge difference in freshly out of the oven and reheated pizza with this crust style… stales and dries out fast. … also no rise on outer crust is problematic… and the stupid cornmeal bottom… anyway… decent pizza but much needed in the area and way better than anything else available


DOUGH BOX is so much better than Hollywood.


you mean dough box?


Yeah, sorry, DOUGH BOX


haven’t heard of that one yet… is dough box better than Masa?



But takeout only (no real sit down space)


I’m never in that area of town, but I’ll definitely have to bookmark it to try at some point.


Vito’s SM, isn’t it, that’s for sure. I went in there today for a pepperoni slice, to give it another shot, and I stand by my earlier review. It’s a pretty bland, typical L.A. pizza. I will say this, it was a fresher, hotter and in 1000x better condition than the crap slice I got from Prime, as mentioned above.

The only thing that had any flavor besides the heel of the crust, was the Parmesan cheese that I liberally sprinkled on top after taking my first few bites.

If this place was next-door to me, THEN, I might consider going again.


I’ve tried to like vitos, but you are right. Bland, overpriced, overrated pizza. For the taste and value, I still likes my Village Pizza. Just got a village special (the everything pizza) 14" $21. A great value. Especially, if I compare it to a 14" ex-pepperoni, with buffalo mozza at Delicious pizza $28.


oh yeah, open less than a month but theres a great new purveyor of slices in town, though a bit off the beaten path…Nancy Silverton & Matt Molina are collaborating in a Roman style pizzeria in Highland Park…Triple Beam Pizza and for those not familiar, Roman style is sold “al taglio,“by the cut …you order in inches and they cut it with scissors from a pan made long pizza…it was great…not a lot of choices but plenty for me…sausage w/fennel pollen; Margherita; potato pizza; nettles pizza; and a salame…4” is roughly equivalent to a NY slice…I had 2 4” cuts of sausage…it was delish…crust tatted like Mozza, bread but thinner…no excessive cornicione as is typical at Mozza…cheese, etc comes right up to the edge…I added a salame slice which was wonderful…I think they had picnic tables out back and 3 rows of counters to eat at facing an open kitchen…Molina was there, working’ hard getting the pies out…I loved it…there was one slightly hard edge of crust…but otherwise impeccable…


Wow, am I the only person who has been to Triple Beam Pizza and loved it? gotta get back there soon, Im salivating…it is a schlep but well worth it!


It’s on the list, but I haven’t had an opportunity to try it.
Last time I was out that general direction I opted for Pine and Crane. I’m very excited to see this particular type of pizza in elay.


I had the sausage on Saturday and it was really excellent. This weekend planning to try Il Romanista in El Segundo–for science.


I just went this past Sunday, loved it and can’t wait to go back.


We went on Valentine’sDay and really liked it. Here’s my thoughts…

We got the mushroom (truffle), the margherita and the sausage. They did not have the potato while we were there. Really enjoyed them all, my fav was actually the margherita. Is simple but perfectly done.


Ah, glad to hear we share opinion on the pizza!


keep us posted,Haeldaur! im curious about Il Romanista too!


I think you’ll love it, frommtron!