Best Sichuan or other spicy Chinese in Rosemead area?


I have too many places starred in Google Maps.


Chengdu Taste 2 in Rosemead — be sure to specify spicy, otherwise they’ll dumb down the spice level.

You might want to expand to San Gabriel, MP, Alhambra.

Pricey, but Chengdu Impression in Arcadia does a dinner tasting menu.


Rosemead itself? …or Rosemead adjacent? :smiley: I recall you asking about best Sichuan other than Chengdu Taste or Szechuan Impression.

San Gabriel, Temple City and Arcadia are literally all minutes away, and Monterey Park and Alhambra only a few minutes more. If you’re on Valley in Rosemead, you’re probably less than 15 minutes away from any of the others.

If literally in Rosemead, Chengdu Taste, and for Hunan (peppery heat without the numbing), there’s Hunan Mao. There’s also Best Noodle House, which has a few dishes here some rave about. Even with the Sichuan boom, I think the only other Sichuan place within Rosemead is Si Chuan No. 1.


I’m taking the train to El Monte and meeting some friends who are driving, so anywhere in the general area.


#2 is the one at 8526?


Just caught this. Yes, 8526 Valley.


@JThur01 Thanks for catching that.

@robert Less of a wait at Chengdu Taste in Rosemead. There’s a chef’s special menu with interesting dishes as well (we liked the Kung Pao Pork Belly and the “Chef’s Special Chicken” — a braised dish containing jujube.). We also got the standard Sichuan dishes. The first time I went, one of the diners in my group who was actually from Chengdu city complained about the food not tasting authentic— as a result, the head chef came out; luckily he was down to earth and as jovial in person as his picture. My guest said she was from Chengdu city and the head chef said to her with a smile, “why didn’t you say so, I would’ve cooked it differently.” I’m guessing they toned down their seasoning after dealing with SGV diners not prepared for the true spice level. Be sure to order the plum osmanthus drink to cool down your palate.

For something different, I suggest you try The Legendary in Alhambra. J Gold’s write up was pretty accurate. I’d consider skipping the fried chicken cubes in red pepper though b/c the ratio was something like 1:10 — do a bang bang and get the fried chix cubes somewhere else. The fish in boiling water/ peppercorns was ok, the cumin lamb chops were a highlight of our meal.
The Legendary Restaurant
2718 W Valley Blvd
Alhambra, CA 91803
(626) 872-0616


Chengdu Taste served us a great meal at a very modest price given that it was roughly twice as much food as three of us were able to eat. Best version of toothpick lamb I’ve had, complex and well-balanced seasoning. Same for the mapo tofu. Potato was on point. The broth the fish was in was so salty I’m guessing you weren’t supposed to eat it, otherwise it was great, loved the abundance of bean sprouts. Never heard of Arden lettuce before, that was a nice foil to the excellent fatty pork shank. Wontons were solid though not as exciting as the other dishes.

Appeals to common decency are so rare these days.

Wonder What Chinese Restaurants Out Of Towners Like To Visit in the SGV
Chengdu Taste (Alhambra)


I never saw the word “crura” to describe a food item, though it is, anatomically speaking, correct.

noun, plural crura [kroo r-uh] (Show IPA). Anatomy, Zoology.
the part of the leg or hind limb between the femur or thigh and the ankle or tarsus; shank.
a limb or process, as of a bone or other structure.
any of various parts likened to a leg or to a pair of legs.


On the menu it’s called “flavored pork hock.”


So if that pork is cooked with mushrooms, it’d be called tinea cruris… More yum.


I just think of the groin when I see “crura.”


And I think of the diaphragm.


For future reference, if you want to get out to that area on public transit, take the Metro Gold Line. It’s cheaper (especially if you have a Metro day / weekly / monthly pass) and runs more often than the Metro Rail San Bernardino line.


Do any of these places serve booze? The last time I was at Chengdu Taste, I wanted a cold beer so badly to help eat all that spicy food!


chuans serves booze and allows BYO.
Several other turn a blind eye to BYO’s though if you ask they will say no


Thanks!!! The menu looks awesome! What do you recommend there?


The above was for you! Any rec’s for the place?


The “classics” are all good - like:
Water Boiled Beef or Fish
Fried Chicken bits
Tooth Pick Lamb or stir fried lamb with cumin

Noodles are nothing special but not bad.

The spicy avocado - when not under-cooked - is excellent.

Pork belly is always a winner

Fish Sour Cabbage soup
Live fish with sour cabbage


Great! Thank you!

I might have to try an intestine dish, also!