Best soft-serve in Los Angeles (moved from NYC board)


I am quite happy with McD’s tbh.


Did you mean Mr Softee? Wow talk about nostalgia. What I wouldn’t do for a black cat right now.


completely concur about pitfire being the place to go for soft serve.
not only do they use strauss family creamery base, but , imho, their chocolate sauce rocks.


Yes!! Will fix in original! :slight_smile:


My sister is addicted to Magpies Soft Serve in Tarzana (though they have several locations.)

I had a taste of a vegan dark chocolate she had and I was stunned there was no dairy. (Though they have mostly dairy options)


Magpies’ sweet cream soft serve with the butterscotch rice crispies topping is heaven.


Track down the CVT Truck (usually in Sherman Oaks, but also DTLA and CC sometimes) - outstanding, simple soft serve (chocolate, vanilla and swirl only). Also, believe it or not but the liquid nitrogen ice cream at Creams & Dreams in SaMo tastes like super-dense and creamy soft serve. Not at the level of CVT (or Sweet Rose), but worth a stop if in the area.


Since a trip to Mr. Softee would be out on a Friday night for P and I, We stopped by Swirl in Hawthorne just off the 405…

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve passed it on my way to do some shopping in Manhattan Beach… it is overshadowed by one of those obnoxious Honey Boba build outs and I just assumed it was a home grown Menchies sort of places…

Well it’s more akin to Magpies than it is to Menchies and honestly I liked it a TON better. The texture was creamy and not icy. They offer your standard toppings but one thing they do have is Magic Shell. REALLY GOOD magic shell. It almost converted me from my Dippy Cone madness because at the end I have this lovely THICK ring of yummy Chocolate and fresh roasted Almonds.

Now I preferred the Milk flavor over to the Vanilla flavor which was creamy but had that typical “softserve” taste. They also have some Vegan options as well.


Shutting this down

Soft serve and Jon and vinnys is insanely good, get it to go all the time🤘.


It’s just Strauss Family. You can get that at places aplenty. Pitfire, for one.