Bestia's Roasted Bone Marrow Gnocchetti


Thanks for the cross-refrence @ebethsdad from the Bestia thread, can’t wait to try this.


I thought about it several times today.
There is a recipe in the book for cavetelli with Norcina sausage and shaved truffles. Looks so good I bought a cavetelli maker what with Epicurus Gourmet’s great price on black winter truffles. I am going to try it when we return from Thanksgiving.


That’s exactly the dish I bought the cook book for, as it’s my favorite pasta at Bestia. Already have a bottle of barbaresco picked out for it too.


Thank you so much for sharing the recipe. Made a double portion today and used my wok to get crispy. The family loved it! I did salt and soaked my marrow to get the blood out and roasted longer like you suggested. Thank you @ChineseChou for the garni market Rec! We’ll have you guys over one and make this one day!

I used a potato ricer to make the gnocchetti like spaetzle. I also forgot the aged balsamic and breadcrumbs but don’t think it made or break the dish.


Beautiful! Great idea about the wok. Will do that next time!!


We’re down! We’ll bring the sherry for the bone luge afterwards!


Made it for the second time as ebeth and the boyfriend were in town. Much better than the first. Didn’t take pics however. Big improvement was to shake the spaetzle make over the rapidly boiling water and broil the marrow bones longer. So good!