Bludso's BBQ Compton To Close


I was thinking that when I read the article. He seems to have his hands in a lot of pots… pun :wink:. Plus he doesn’t appear to be in the best of health. My biggest problem with Bludsoe’s - besides the inconsistency - is it’s way too salty. If he’s eating like that everyday it is recipe for disaster… double pun. My husband’s best friend likes to say “Salt is the enemy of the black man.”


Has anybody heard any updates?


no word yet as of now of new location…


The article has a line that states, “I’m gonna be at La Brea a lot,” said Bludso, who is also planning pop-up dinners at that restaurant…”

Is this true today? Does he still frequent the La Brea location, and hopefully manages the smokers?


It is true I believe. At least he was there for his “Feast of Four Fowls” day. The brisket has gotten markedly better there since the Compton location closed in my opinion, absurdly great pepper crust on it. Though the four fowls were not particularly great.


I was there yesterday, and I didn’t see or ask if he was there, but I do concur with @FoodDreams that the brisket slays these days. The bark had bite, baby. Really top notch. The cocktails were also tops, too. And those Rucker’s pies!


That’s true, it’s nice being able to have a cocktail with the BBQ, and Rucker’s pies still win out over pretty much everyone else’s pies to me!

Btw, is Bludso’s the only place you can order Rucker’s pies for Thanksgiving??


Tell me more please.


Pies designed and baked by Nicole Rucker. Considered by much of the foodie types to be one of the top piemakers in the country.


So is she still opening her own place on La Brea? There was some press about this in February, but not a peep since then.


Sadly, I am as in the dark as you about that. I hope she does.

I enjoy her pies at Bludso’s, but her blackberry, blueberry, ginger isn’t available, and that is my favorite of her pies. I think Dinosaur coffee does carry that particular pie of hers, though for those interested in it.


She used to have a stand at Smorgasburg, but I just checked their site and it doesn’t look like she’s there any more, unless she’s sharing a stand with someone else. ISTR you can order whole pies through either Cofax or Bludso’s – I forget which.


Bludso’s offers some of her pies for Thanksgiving.


Based on the Bludso’s expansion to other locations it doesn’t seem like the original is going to reopen in a new location. Anybody hear differently?


Stepped to Mr Bludso himself on our last visit. Kid and I thanked him for all the good food. Sweet man


Coworker just mentioned he stopped by the Scroggins BBQ pop up, said it was really good. Anyone know the connection here(Damien Scroggins co-owner)? Yelp seems to be picking up the reviews but placing the location at almost the exact same locations as the old Bludsoe’s address.

Either way, said the brisket and rib tips were off the charts good.

Bludso's La Brea > Bludso's Compton