Bludso's La Brea > Bludso's Compton


They garnish their Bloody Mary with a Rib Tip!


Bludso’s Compton makes the best Rib Tips in town - Firm exterior, tender, juicy, fatty goodness. I don’t eat them with any sauce.


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Crazy at work again, so we had to nix K-Town BBQ and “settle” on Bludso’s Bar & Que to go. My dear wife and her visiting sister picked up a half tray with lots of sides. I only got pix of the que. Here’s the ribs, links, pulled pork and brisket.

Half a chicken and rib tips.

It came with 9 pieces of corn bread and honey butter, potato salad, cole slaw, greens, beans, bread & butter pickles, and BBQ sauce. The potato salad is very different from the OG - it’s more traditional but very good. And the greens - if you enjoy Southern style greens, don’t pass these up.

Bludso’s on La Brea continues to be strong. I really didn’t find anything negative with the food. Nice smoke, bark and moistness. Even the chicken was moist. I’m not a pulled pork fan but their version did have a nice smokey profile with pork and salt being the other prominent t flavors.

Nicole Rucker has pies there as well. My wife wanted to get a whole pie but they’d only sell it by the slice. This was some form of lime pie - I didn’t get the name.

And I believe this is her chocolate chess pie.

Both slices were slurped up pretty fast. My son thought they were okay. Everyone else truly enjoyed them.

I don’t know of another BBQ joint that does so many thing well and has so many things that fortify their offerings. Maple Block still knocks it out of the park with their meat, but Bludso’s B&Q really is the whole deal.


the sides at the La Brea location are SO MUCH better than the Compton location. God those rib tips look so good compared to the shit I’ve been eating.


Ns1 shit easily out does most eaters treasures. :yum:
Yeah, the sides shine here compared to the OG. I honestly can’t justify driving out to Compton anymore with this B&Q being closer and more to our liking.


how much is that tray?


I think it was $105 but the sides were upgraded in size - that’s an additional $10.

Five of us just put a dent in it. We went at it again and still have enough almost for another meal less sides. I would suggest getting extra sides if you see yourself eating this over more than one meal or are feeding a larger group.


I mean it’s a matter of where the fuck you hang out at. If you fuck with Compton on regular basis then that’s the ticket. If you live like me, blocks from melrose then you go there.


but if you live equal distance between the two, where would you go? For my money I’d still go to Bludso’s La Brea. Unless it was a weekend and I really, really wanted beef ribs more than I wanted alcohol and delicious sides.

Is it bad form to bring Bludso’s Compton beef ribs to Bludso’s La Brea? BYOBeefRibs?


Hi @Ns1,

I haven’t been to Bar & Q yet because of the early mixed reviews, but if we were inbetween both, isn’t the OG Bludso’s like 50% cheaper? (that “Texas Sampler” was double the price at the new location right?)


I don’t know, what do you value your time at? Cuz sitting in that waiting room for 30+ minutes is soul crushing.

Besides, unlike the OG location, the La Brea sampler comes with sides that are actually delicious.


The Compton tray is $69, the La Brea tray is $115. The La Brea tray comes with an additional 1/2 pound of pulled pork, and 1 pints each of 6 sides + corn bread instead of 2 quart sides + loaf of bread.

Hopefully with the new Compton revamp they’ll add a Chownow type setup, and figure out WTF is going on with the back of the house, unless “slow as shit” is considered a core competency to them. I imagine the revamp will jack up prices though…


Bludso’s La Brea does serve beef ribs Thursday through Sunday, which have been delicious in my experience. Or are you saying you’ve tried both and the Compton location puts out the better version of these?


:scream: :scream: :scream:

I did not know this. Why am I still eating these shitty 818 beef ribs!?


I can live with the sides at the OG location. I want the sides at the B&Q. And the pickles are really good, as is the corn bread, which you don’t get with the OG tray. The requisite white bread goes to the ducks.


What about the Bludso’s Melbourne? Is it, < or >, Bludso’s La Brea > Bludso’s Compton?

Who the fuck knew, Mate?


You don’t phone in your order?


That’s insane. But so happy that people outside of the U.S. get to try his food. Well deserved.


they don’t fucking pick up or it’s busy. and I’ve heard even phone orders have to wait - WTF mate?

that’s what I’m sayin, they gotta move to Chownow.


Yikes. I’ve only phoned in a couple of times but it was pretty seamless. Looking on Yelp, though, there are lots of reports attesting to what you describe.