Brioche Loaves?


I’ll check next time I’m at Gelsons


The bakery in the Japanese Mall on 3rd Street, Downtown LA, used to have perfect brioche, sliced and not, and probably still does if it’s still there. If there is any Japanese or Korean market or bakery nearby, check it out, surprisingly they may well have it


WOW! Didn’t see that coming…Why the HATE? and did you know Aldi and Trader Joe’s is owned by the same family?


Very good ones at Bristol Farms…


Ya know, I did know Aldi and Trader Joe’s are owned by the same people but I don’t know Aldi is just so different. It’s hard to like.


Can confirm.


I was at Rockenwagner on Washington in Culver City - saw the same. Whole loaves are available as well but not Consistently. Best to order at any of their cafes if you know you want a whole loaf.


Milo and Olive - excellent brioche.


Just curious, have you used brioche for sandwiches before? I absolutely love brioche but in my opinion, it can be perceived as being sweet. I second Happybaker’s suggestion to try challah (if you haven’t already tried it) for sandwiches.


Yes. I’m trying to replicate the BLT on toasted brioche that I used to get at Colony Cafe on Pico. The bread was sliced thin (like regular sandwich bread) which kept the sweetness from being cloying. As I say, though, I may try the challah suggestion at some point.


Picked up a bachelor loaf of the Rockenwagner brioche at Gelson’s the other day. It was EXACTLY what I was looking for. Sliced a little thinner than TJ’s and the perfect size for BLT sandwiches.

Thanks all!


Bristol Farms yesterday 9/26/17