Broken Spanish - Chef Ray Garcia's Farmer's Market Produce + Mexican Twist?


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I won’t let you down.


Tortillas with refried lentils.

The tostada.

All their cocktails.


chicharron, whole snapper, oxtail quesadilla, refried lentils, cabbage


we go to Broken Spanish often, it’s really great. agree with all the recs above. the food has always been exceptional, the service previously was hit or miss but we went a couple of days ago and our waitress was very friendly and competent, which was refreshing.

Left: Duende Verde (Mezcal, Paranubes Oaxacan Rum, Cilantro, Tomatillo, Cucumber) savory, a little more green/cucumbery than I prefer but nice overall.

Right: El Zocalo (Mezcal, Passionfruit, Campari, Yellow Chartreuse Habanero Tincture, Sal De Gusano), well balanced, good mix of fruity herbal and salt.
For other cocktails, I particularly like the Hecho en LA and Oaxacan Melody.

Top: special, elote-style corn with bone marrow. creamy with slight corn sweetness, loved this, the bone marrow added a great richness.

Right: special, porcini mushrooms with bacon and seasonal peaches. Liked the flavors in this, the balance of smoky bacon and mushroom umami with the fleshy sweet/tart peaches. However, I wasn’t a fan of the presentation – it’s a warm dish that came wrapped in this plastic sheet tied with a corn husk, maybe supposed to be a play on a tamal; pretty to look at but had an off chemical/plasticky flavor and I wasn’t crazy about the warm plastic directly touching the food.

Bottom/Left: refried lentils. one of our favorites, it was spicier that day than what we remembered, and the portion of lentils smaller than before, but still delicious. the handmade tortillas are still some of the best I’ve ever had.

Spinach tamal. first time trying this, new? Lovely, creamy and light with sweetness of corn, tastes of spring.

Barbacoa. Complex flavors with great mix of beefy richness, slightly sour/tart sauce, perfectly cooked beans with a firm bite. Worth ordering extra tortillas to eat with this.

Pavlova (Pink Lemon Curd, Strawberry, Seasonal Citrus, Avocado Ice Cream, Pistachio). beautiful presentation, the white meringue-like crust opens to the yellowish curd. reminds me of a fruitier, bolder version of the famous corn husk meringue at Cosme in NYC.

Overall a great meal, can’t wait to go back.