Brooklyn Fare - decent grocery store in a desolate area


Uh no, the pictures are of the grocery store in a desolate area on 37th st.


Seriously, that’s the newer grocery store in Manhattan? And that’s the one SGee was talking about being in a desolate area? Well then… never mind.
And I owe you a drink. At a cocktail bar in the not so desolate area in Bklyn.


Yes. @Sgee also said he ended up “with Issan takeout from Larb Ubol,” which at 480 9th Ave, is 0.1mi away from the pictured Brooklyn Fare grocery store on 431 W 37th St.




Go ahead, pile on… I can handle it. You wanna drink too?!


hahah, none needed! I will be in Brooklyn next week though. Is Torst still good? Also going to Four Horsemen and probably Reynard again.


I haven’t heard anything negative about Torst, but I’ve never been (shameful admission, I know). My good beer bar time is spent at Mekelberg’s in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn. You may want to try it (if you haven’t) – they’ll soon be opening a very large place in the Domino factory building in Williamsburg as well. The Four Horsemen is on my short list. Have you ever been to Delaware and Hudson? Excellent chef (Patti Jackson) turning out interesting, non-complicated fare. There are some other new places that are pretty interesting as well – has some, but not all.


Torst was good - I made a brief visit and got a dubbel and a saison ale on a lazy afternoon. I did not drink that much beer or cocktails this trip. Mainly wine, sake, and whisky. Anyway, Torst is a solid joint in the Greenpoint area, and it’s been a while since I was really into beer, and I’m sure beerheads can assess it better, but I liked it.

Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare was fantastic again. I will post pictures shortly. Damn, what a meal. Ingredients and precision were off the charts. In my opinion, CTBF is a strong contender for the best meal in the country for a high-end tasting menu. All the chefs I talked to agreed that CTBF is the best one can have in NYC for that style.


I really need to make an effort to plan further in advance.