Budget Bottles


Sloane’s is excellent for martinis.
Not a budget bottle, but I’m loving Leopold’s Navy Strength for cocktails that have more going on. The higher proof prevents the gin from getting lost.


Just got a bottle of Wint & Lila (Spanish Gin) at K&L liked it so much I bought another bottle as a gift at 30$ this is a steal imo. Really great in my summer drink of choice the G&T. Nice hint of Spanish orange blossoms really sets it off.


I’m always afraid it’s going to close down or he’s going retire and sell. Such a treasure.


World Market at The Grove is having a Mix & Match sale on Sparklings - 30% off when you buy 4 bottles.

We picked up a couple for $17.49 each. Also Veuve Clicquot for $43.74, but not such a bargain as BevMo and others have it for about the same.