Capital Seafood Beverly Hills [Dim Sum]: A Pictorial Essay


Dim sum is indeed 7 days. Non dimsum also available at lunch. They suggested some nondimsum to us when we were there Tuesday afternoon.


And I despise white meat chicken. So there.


Sous vide wouldn’t hurt either.


No sous vide machine at home. :wink:

Is there a sous vide prep around town that you like?


I don’t know of any restaurants that sous vide chicken to be honest but they really should for the breast.


Ebony and ivory…


I highly recommend the Chefsteps Joule. Love mine, and you don’t need anything other than a large pot and some foil to cover.


The only place I’m aware of that probably sous vide their chicken is L’Assiette. Presuming that if they sous vide their steak, then they sous vide the rest of their proteins. I always get steak, so I’m not entirely sure.
And I’m a fan of the Anova. I have two of them that I often run concurrently…one for protein and one for vegetables.


About 3/4 full on a Sunday with the benefit of available street parking on Wilshire (otherwise $2.50 with validation for 2 hours). Service was good and I thought the highpoints of the dim sum tried were the excellent shrimp & chive dumpling and the fried shrimp & taro roll. Low point was the surprisingly bland and one note minced beef ball. Full menu was also available but just had dim sum this go around–several interesting sounding dishes on the regular menu, though.


For me, imitation crab is a big No-No! Also, their Beef Meatballs taste like paste and not beef.

Where’s the beef, or in this case, pork?!



I’ve done it sealed with sauces like teriyaki or pesto for weekday lunches. I still find it to be bland, and I don’t love the texture, either. I’ll stick with dark meat, thank you very much.


I prefer dark meat too but what’s the temp you used for the chicken breast?


Boy, we’ve really gone off topic with some of the discussion here…


145* for about an hour.

Apologies for contributing to the thread drift. Carry on.


Well, at least it’s food-related. :wink:

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My pretty little squab that I ate.


I’m so happy to have Capital Seafood here. I’m looking forward to trying the Dungeness crab.


Whether a restaurants sous vide anything is hard for me to gauge, because typically I cannot see what’s going on in the kitchen. However in this yelp photo of Side Chick’s open kitchen, an Anova cooker (arrowed) is clearly visible.

And as light and dark chicken meat are best cooked to different temperatures, I would assume more than one sous vide cooker are probably deployed.


I believe Crack Shack sous vides their chicken before frying.


That’s the $24 squab.