Capital Seafood Beverly Hills [Dim Sum]: A Pictorial Essay


Updated my post on Capital Seafood’s dim sum. Went back yesterday with another group and ordered the dishes they made improvements to as well as a few new dishes.


Last weekend’s specials were a Branzino and Lobster ($22/lb…same pricing as Newport BH, but maybe a dollar less per pound)


loved our first visit. higher price warranted when accounting for drive/ wait time and effort


Last Saturday, we had their $48 Peking Duck on special for $38. They mentioned that their Squab was also on special.


There are a lot of things I’m excited about, here, primarily that I just discovered this site. I’d been missing Chowhound and didn’t really understand why it collapsed, and had no idea everyone was now here, keeping the flame alive.
I saw this awning when we were at Lawry’s last week (which is really going downhill), and was intrigued. Glad JL was into it! Been missing dim sum on the westside for a long time.
Also, JL, it was about 4 years ago when we sat next to you at Sushi Tsujita, and you gave us some amazing recommendations for our Tokyo trip. Thanks again!


Oh welcome!


…and look like it too.


I still recall our conversation at Sushi Tsujita (has it really been that long?!). Glad to reconnect with you! Hope you guys enjoyed Japan.

Oh, and of course… Welcome to FTC! Many of us here are ex-Chowhound contributors. We each have our reasons for leaving Chowhound, and many FTCers here are more than happy to go into more detail on why s/he left… :slight_smile:


I wish people would give their old ‘names’ if new now.


I think I have the same name :grinning:

Enjoying the new playground!


I was daftpunkxl in the old days, glad to have shed that one.


exilekiss … JUST KIDDING!
I was J.L. (I know, quite the stretch)


So glad for this post! I’m at the SLS at an event and was perusing Yelp and noticed this restaurant. Menu looked solid but had to check FTC to be sure. Will definitely check out dim sum some weekend!


Not using the FTC as your first go-to search? For shame… ;-D

Please report back!


Look who it is!


Um… Hop Woo (Olympic & Sepulveda) has been fulfilling such Westsider fantasies for years now…


Perhaps I should have phrased this a bit differently - I’ve hoped to find a place on the Westside where I can get congee and kun pao chicken that matches the quality of the best SGV restaurants at 4:00 pm in the afternoon on a Saturday afternoon.

I’m curious to see if FTCers have tried a lot of the non-dim sum options at Capital in BH. I went there, and really enjoyed a steamed chicken dish, with a scallion and ginger sauce on the side. It was a deceptively simple dish, but all the flavors were great. I also had a steamed whole fresh fish - I think it was rock cod - again, very simple, with ginger and scallion. I also thought it was excellent - at $32 per pound, a bit pricey, but I get the whole Beverly Hills rent issue, and I certainly didn’t feel ripped off.

I’d be interested in hearing what other folks think about the after-3:00-pm options at Capital. As some folks have said about the dim sum, I’m willing to go to Capital to get food that’s better than most Westside Chinese places offer, even if it’s not at the very top-level of SGV, because so much of Westside Chinese food is just average.

In that connection, I’ve only tried Hop Woo once or twice, and thought it was just mediocre - should I be trying it more often, and if so, what would you suggest I order?



At Hop Woo, get the pork congee with preserved egg, the pea tendrils, ginger & scallion lobster, e-fu noodles with mushroom, and the steamed rock cod.


Lol, I use Yelp to get oriented and get the lay of the land. It’s an invaluable directory but no substitute for the qualitative content here!


I haven’t been to the BH location but been to the Irvine location many times for lunch before it closed. We’d go with a lot of people from work, many who were more accustomed to the Panda Express Chinese food experience. These dishes are good versions of Americanized non dim sim items

  • orange chicken
  • beef chow fun
  • kung pao chicken
  • walnut shrimp
  • string beans