Capital Seafood Beverly Hills [Dim Sum]: A Pictorial Essay


Was a very nice second visit for a work lunch. Place was busy but we were seated right away. They’ll be empty mid day as expected.

Loved the shrimp eggrolls, my kid will be tearing these up.

probably skipping the steamed bbq buns next time… small, unremarkable… fine. not pic worthy

great chicken feet… not that i can eat more than 2 bites of it (textural issues)

really loved the XO noodle rolls that @chandavkl showed us the way to.

very nice shrimp rice noodle… delicate, perfectly fresh… shrimp cooked ever so gently… pic not needed

pork/chicken/peanut dumplings i love as well

6 dishes+tea, more than plenty for 2 people. $50 fully loaded cost

Thumbs Up For Capital Seafood In Beverly Hills

that’s Nemroz $50 right? Just making sure.



“Nemroz Cost” or “Nemroz Currency”, otherwise known as “Nemrubles” or “Nemlires” is hereby defined as fully loaded and inclusive of all direct costs paid to the restaurants. Does not include the cost of ride share to restaurant, the cost of the data plan used while uploading photos, nor the opportunity cost of having chosen this restaurant over a different one.


I don’t know if I can stand behind this methodology - I bet you’re just trying to hide your generous 4% gratuity.


That’s cool. You can start the N$1 curency


Go crypto with this, dude.


I discovered the XO noodles at their Diamond Jamboree location years ago. Love those things.


Fortunately the Beverly Hills location is worlds better than that branch of Capital Seafood was.


Whew. High rent nabe. Our fave place in Seattle comes in at about $20 for 5 dishes and tea.


I bet it’s not in Capitol Hill


And I bet you’re right! Did a little search and found this. Will have to check it out.


I had a nice dinner here the other night with some Singaporeans vacationing for the holiday. We enjoyed the dinner, ordered entirely from the waitress’ recommendations. Pea Leaves in Superior Broth were excellent, as was the Char Siu. There was a Lemon Beef that was good, but the Steamed Fish was the star of the show. I think it was a Red Big Eye Snapper, as the eyes were quite large. Very fresh, and steamed so delicately. We also had a fish and vegetable soup, and while it was okay, it needed some seasoning. Roast duck was good!

Overall, I think Capital Seafood was adequate for the Chinese stomachs after a long flight, especially since Sichuan and other spicy food was off the table due to dietary restrictions, and the SGV was too far from the airport.

No photos, unfortunately; I was too present and enjoying my company.


And for THIS we can all be grateful :slight_smile:


…you don’t appreciate my photos?


OMG, LOL! I’m SO sorry. Not YOURS. I do tire of dozens of photos from one meal, especially multiples of most/every dish. Mea multima culpa.

I also meant to mention that I loved their calling it “SUPERIOR broth.”


Another great weekday dim sum here… They are getting better and better.


You got ALL that at the same time? Wow!

ETA: What’s in the rice flour rolls? We like beef but is that pork perhaps?


You seem to be easily amazed.

Fried shrimp paste.


I guess I am “easily amazed” then. You either ordered it all at once and it came at the same time or three or four carts showed up and piled. Which?

Re the rice flour rolls, I was referring to those to the left of the egg tarts.


I’m going to guess fried turnip cakes.