Capital Seafood Beverly Hills [Dim Sum]: A Pictorial Essay


I’m making this too hard :smile: Lay your little finger on the space between the eggs tarts and the dish beside it to the left. It’s that dish to the left that I’m curious about. We used to get shrimp (not paste) and now prefer beef but they don’t look like beef. I’ve heard that there’s pork but not had it. I make these occasionally so am just curious.


The rice noodle rolls look like the Mixed Mushroom/Veggies (left of the egg tarts), Cilantro, and Crispy Shrimp.


AHA!!! I never thought about vegetables! Thanks, kiddo.


It’s cart-less at Capital Seafood.


uh. that’s way too many dishes hitting at same time cuz. dont you want your food hot? :slight_smile:


Well, gee, why the hell did we order that many dishes, then?

Has it occurred to anyone that we maybe… just maybe had like EIGHT HUNGRY PEOPLE in our party?!

That photo depicts only round one of our tribe of locusts descending upon hapless Capital. The only non-Chinese thing about our feast was that we tipped 20% at the end.


Wow! Is that fifteen dishes for eight people for round one??? Y’all were seriously hungry. 'Course I have to remind myself that we have dim sum for breakfast while it seems most non-Chinese and younger Chinese have it for lunch. Our fave place (so far) in Seattle doesn’t open til 9. I’ve had it as early as 730 in SF many years ago :slight_smile:


no that’s pretty normal lol


Yes, 'cuz we’re not living in the Dust Bowl era anymore.


Is that anything like conspicuous consumption? 'Course any leftovers you can take home.


Just for you, cath, we TOSSED all the leftovers in the trash. All 3 bites’ worth. There was nary a doggie bag in sight.


You all just made me go there for lunch


Cath honestly you care too much about the little things lol

Like who cares how much he ate, how many people, did all that come at once, etc

Lol really why do you care and why is it even worthy to ask???


I like to leave the old leftovers on the table, order a fresh round to-go and then take those home and toss them in the trash before setting it on fire.



That’s all for 1 person isnt it :wink:


You inspire me

3 more things showed up later


Oh damn bro, don’t let cath see this. She may give you the Spanish Inquisition…


I ordered some for her to send up north since they dont have any decent food up there.


What are dim sum leftovers? I’m not familiar with the term.