Capital Seafood Moving Into Abandoned Beverly Hills New Port Seafood Location


太棒了! Please let us know when dim sum service becomes available!


Already four Yelp reviews. Apparently opened yesterday. I’ll be there Tuesday.


Hi Bob, we have some menu items on our facebook and yelp page. We are still working on our website and will continue to load more menus online. Hope to see you soon.

Calvin V.


@J_L yes dim sum is available everyday from 11am - 3pm.

The dim sum platter ( 2 har gow, 2 siu mai, 2 spinach dumpling, 2 stick rice wrap) is offered all day in our entree and seafood menu.


Hope to see you on tuesday Mr. Chan.


I can’t find your Facebook page. What is the pricing for dim sum? Are you offering a similar menu as the location in Arcadia?


There are 7 yelp reviews up now, Wednesday, and they are all 5 star. A little surprising to have all the reviewers so positive. When do we get yours?


I thought the food was legit. Not exactly on par with some of the ultra high-end dim summeries, but definitely decent dim sum, AND now available within a reasonable driving distance from West LA!


My comment is in the other thread started by JL


Welcome to the neighborhood.


Good observations about Newport @LAFoodiePanda.

Also, menu tweaking aside, it’s a tough location and they didn’t make their presence known (what they were about) to folks who aren’t familiar with the SGV location. It’s a shame though, as you wrote “with people having a more sophisticated and adventurous palate these days” I think folks, especially families would have enjoyed it.


Oh, and welcome to the ‘hood @dimsumbrunch. :blush: We’ll be by soon.