Century City Din Tai Fung intel


Din Tai Fung - so much more than XLB.

Noodles with minced pork sauce.

The photo is after I mixed the noodles. Fantastic plate of food. I wish I had ordered one to go, because I want to eat this again for dinner. Btw, they will not, under any circumstances, give you a side of extra zha cai. They can’t do that, they simply can’t.


I don’t recall when I last went to DTF and actually ordered any of their XLBs, but it’s been a while.


I found the ones at this location to be quite underwhelming.


Okay, I’ve got to go to one of the Seattle ones in a couple of weeks. Those were so, so good. But then I have little to compare them to.


Would have to agree had lunch there last Friday and the xlbs were pretty poor maybe they didn’t bring the sifu in to train them properly

Highlights were pork chop fried rice and hot and sour soup