Chandavkl On The Best Chinese Restaurant In Los Angeles You May Not Have Heard Of


I stand corrected, thanks Taiwanese guy! :smiley:


can you post the menu or send it to me too please? Thanks. i want to preorder that fucking shrimp stuffed chicken and that fish, looks awesome.


do you need to order the duck ahead of time too?


one more question, is the full menu offered during lunch?


Well shit… I need this now…


i got a lunch menu and what looked like the regular menu at lunch on saturday.


Yes, you can order off the regular menu during lunch. However the advantage of the lunch menu is that it is much more economical. Some of the dinner items can be pricey.


I was unaware people haven’t heard of this place, my family has been coming here for probably 10+ years. IMO they do the best sticky rice fried rice (not sure what the translation is in English)


i recommend lunch for that reason as well, and of course a party of at least 6-8 to sample a lot of different items family style,


I don’t believe the same chef (or set of chefs) man the kitchen at lunch as at dinner.


This place is great, but a bit pricy, and a number of things need to be ordered a day in advanced. I have eaten there a number of times and forgotten about pre ordering… but the meal ends up being pretty good anyway


who cares, as long as they make that minced pork with salted egg?


Not Taiwanese… Just an American who can’t resist proofreading :wink:


They actually add in barley in the Eight Treasures stuffed duck as well at Embassy Kitchen (according to Epoch Times)


It’s a pdf so I can’t post it. But a deeper look at it and it’s fairly limited. Looks like you’re better off going with the listing on Chandavkl’s post.


English menu pictures, courtesy of @Jase, Has none of the goods that are on chandavkl’s blog though.


Excellent place!!
Bah, have to order the stuffed chicken in advance, minor details fellas…


Hi @Sgee,

Looks great! :slight_smile:

What were your favorites? And what is that fish dish?


@Chowseeker1999 The fish was steamed tilapia, with preserved lemons (think they were salted & dried) and topped with shredded pork. This ended up being the favorite dish. Everything was well executed, solid old-school Canto style restaurant.

Just a note of caution, they make their margins on the vegetables dishes. I think this is fairly common phenomenon at SGV restaurants.


braised lettuce is probably #1 when it comes to margin