Chandavkl On The Best Chinese Restaurant In Los Angeles You May Not Have Heard Of


I think that’s #2.

Raw lettuce is most likely #1.


IIRC the last time i saw braised lettuce on a menu, it was $6.99 for what was probably a single head of lettuce. i can’t think of any dish incorporating just raw lettuce selling for that much in a chinese restaurant. iceberg lettuce salads in non chinese restaurants, ok.


I bet the margin on smashed cucumber salad is insane.


Don’t tell me you’ve never had a dish like minced squab with lettuce wraps and hoisin sauce?


i stand by my statement.


As do I.


Thanks for the rec. I hadn’t been there for almost ten years. I went this past weekend with my extended family. The taste and overall food quality were very good. Everyone in my family enjoyed their meal.


anythng that wraps squab is not just just lettuce. resort to whatever sophistry you must. i’m done.


ok fellas

I’m going to be taking my wife and her mom + my side of the family to this place. so probably 4 small eaters, 3 medium eaters, and 3 big eaters.

what would be a good sampling of the menu? do I need 1 order of that stuffed chicken or 2? What’s the beer/wine/corkage situation like?


One stuffed chicken should be enough. We’ve always had a full table for that dish. Lots of good suggestions in this thread. My favorite dishes are the steamed eggplant, the steamed egg with tofu, the fried pork leg, the crab fried rice (which is $$$ because there’s a whole crab involved), and the egg white imitation shark fin. Also most tables order the cut up steamed chicken with ginger and green onion dip.


$$$ as in a $40 fried rice dish? Presumably much cheaper than Shunjis crab/rice creations.


IIRC a little more. Like I said, it includes a crab.


I was hoping $40 was the Market Price. . Lol


Their chicken technique is seriously amazing. And the shrimp paste is pretty quality too.

Fried pork knuckles were also pretty good if you are into that kinda thing.

Chinese veggies were not remarkable.

Hot and sour soup also surprisingly excellent utilizing preserved mustard root (zha cai) as the sour element.


Had a really disappointing dinner here, everything was bland and insipid. I had really high hopes for the stuffed chicken but even that was bland with no shrimp flavor and the chicken was dry. It’s like the chef ran out of salt or msg. And the tilapia rolls were just plain disgusting. I should have known better than to order tilapia but this was the worst I’ve ever had. The fish had a mealy texture and was wrapped around that fake pink pickled ginger you get with cheap supermarket sushi.

I didn’t even bother taking a picture of the flavorless “spicy” fried squid, the bland pork with salted egg, and the mediocre glutinous fried rice.

What the hell am i missing? New chef? Sergio off? Global warming? Russian meddling???


Hi @PorkyBelly,

I went once to Embassy a couple years ago I think? We were invited by some of our friends in the SGV. It was not memorable, but we didn’t get to order any of the “order in advance” items, so I was going to reserve judgement. Thanks for the warning.


Sergio strikes again

Thanks for the note on the tilapia though - I don’t like 10k year egg so either so I’ll go ahead and keep passing on that one.


Damn dude. How about the more common “Thousand Year Old” eggs?

10k years. Fuck. That could definitely get funky. Stuff that Confucius probably dined on.


We went on Saturday night and everything off the menu good to excellent, which surprised me since they were totally full even into the back rooms and I was concerned that the kitchen would be overtaxed. When did you go? I will say that Embassy Kitchen is the one Chinese restaurant whose quality is driven by the owner-chef (older guy with white hair), and if he isn’t there I could see things taking a big tumble because of his attention to food quality and ingredients. There are a few items on the menu which are not winners, but the number of really good dishes runs quite deep.into the menu.


I was there sunday night, i don’t think even sergio can make that tilapia dish palatable.