Chef's Table at Brooklyn Fare Review


I agree that he had good points. And not a great way to treat a guest.

Perhaps “guests” should stop being critics. With multi-page reviews.


If you do something in a business area with public access for money, e.g. being chef, you should be able to handle criticism/review or you are in the wrong business. (everybody should be able to handle criticism/reviews of their professional work)


I hear ya but I do get frustrated at the occasional Yelp review where poor ratings are given due to at least one of the following reasons:

  1. Neta on nigiri isn’t melt-in-your mouth so fish can’t possibly be fresh
  2. Lack of vegan options
  3. Not given an complimentary dessert on a birthday or anniversary
  4. Orders a hanger steak but complains about it not being tender like as t another place where a filet mignon was ordered
  5. Restaurant being inside a market/dodgy neighborhood

Many more…


There are in every profession people who have little idea about the profession but always a loud voice - if one is intimidated by (or wants to silence) such voices, it only shows that one is insecure and has little confidence in the own abilities. Either you believe in yourself and clearly recognize which criticism to take serious or…