Chengdu Taste (Alhambra)


Just had lunch at the Rosemead edition. Shared the toothpick lamb, boiled sliced fish in hot sauce, and The Catholic Church Chicken. Hadn’t had the chicken before and was pleased to find out that it was a cold chicken dish. All three dishes were fantastic, though given the fact that it’s currently a billion degrees I think I liked the chicken’s combination of cool temperature and spicy heat the best.


Just wanted to bump this thread. I’m going on Sunday aside from the toothpick lamb what are the must orders at chengdu taste? Bo no chicken? Water boiled fish?

Please advise!! I want to order everything unfortunately there are only 6 of us.


Kung Pao chicken, sautéed eggplant


spring onion chicken in pepper sauce
flavoured pork crura
fish with mom’s preserved chilli
boiled fish with green pepper sauce
cabbage with sweet and sour sauce (not everything has to blow your ears out)
beef with baby ginger


if going with a large group get the chicken-veg skewers in green pepper sauce to start things off.


Anything really, whatever strikes your fancy and the fancy of members of your party.

Do they have bobo chicken? I thought that was a Sichuan Impression thing.

That written, good recommendations, but also…

Boiled fish with green pepper sauce, definitely second this one
Diced rabbit with younger sister’s secret recipe
Mung bean jelly with chili sauce
Won ton with pepper sauce (numb taste)
I even love the stir-fry intestine dish


anything fatty/slippery textured seems to match up well with spicy.


Thanks for all the recs.

We had the green Chile fish, mapo tofu, tooth pick lamb, mao chai, pork hock in red chili oil and the bobo chicken.

Everything was super delicious and prices were very reasonable. Can’t wait to visit again to try other things on their menu.