CHI SPACCA - Anyone been lately?


What!? Heathen! Only chi spacca can make me order Korean kalbi in Hollywood. #teamMozza


I did not see any galbi on the menu
The leg of lamb was great especially with the marrow filled femur


Really? I was there when Silverton and Colby debuted the kalbi at the beef dinners #RIP (making sure to point out it was marinated in pineapple juice, and maybe kiwi to make it more tender). I thought it was okay but prefer the unmarinated kalbi at Parks all day any day. It was probably my least favorite beef dish of the beef dinner.


Charcoal is nowhere near Hollywood is it?

Heck, it’s not even in Venice like I thought, it appears to be in Marina Del Ray:

425 Washington Blvd, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292


The Bistecca is very good, but I would go with the chop.


we split the bistecca four ways. it was very, very good.


Every ajumma uses mixture of Coke, pear juice, and/or kiwi, so Chad co-opted a tried Korean recipe. I ain’t mad.

Not saying the kalbi was even as good as Park’s. Just saying that I’ve never, despite never having ordered the 'hawk nor the fiorentina, never had a bad meal there, during or after Mr. Colby.


Amen to that.


“despite never having ordered the 'hawk”


sacre bleu!


The bistecca I get, but why not order the much bandied about hawk?


just, too much meat… and not enough ordering power on my part.




Four of us had a great meal last night: focaccia di Recco, big razor clams, grilled octopus, grilled lamb, tomahawk chop, grilled mushrooms, grilled broccoli di Cicco, butterscotch pudding, peanut butter pie.

The razor clams made me feel like I was in San Sebastian and the octopus like I was in Ensenada. Surprising for a place that’s so meat-oriented.

The chop was a truly great piece of pork. Lamb was nicely done though a bit mild for my personal taste, especially in contrast with the pork, I go for the gamy / mutton flavor.

The rich, salty, barely-sweet pudding and pie (offered by the house as apology for our table not being ready on time) were a hit even with two of us who don’t usually like desserts.

More food than we needed. Without the lamb it would have been just about right but one of my friends really wanted it.


Great to hear. Cant wait to go back.


What did you think of the focaccia di Recco?


It’s delicious but annoyingly filling. Leave any parts without cheese.


I had it with truffles the last time I was there. It was mind blowingly good.


I do the exact opposite.

I leave any with cheese.


Is it possible to get out of here at or under $150/head?


Yes, no problem hitting that target IMO