CHI SPACCA - Anyone been lately?


Colby left in June 2015 and the meal I had in March 2016 was great.

Certainly the place is not for everybody. It’s the polar opposite of Michelin / Pellegrino tweezer food porn.


I doubt it. I’d just not order any pork chops. Steaks and lamb will deliver for me every time :slight_smile:


What is the difference exactly? As I recall, your complaint was about the pork chop being simply a big piece of meat that you could cook at home. Can’t you cook steaks and lamb chops just as much at home as pork chops?

So you’re going to get the bistecca fiorentina? I’ll be curious what you think of it.


pork is pork, it requires a lot more flavoring… beef and lamb are more flavorful on their own.1

i’ve had plenty of steaks, including in tuscany… i know what steaks are…

here’s a steak i cooked.

it’s just a personal thing you dont want to accept… pork for me needs to be less simple… you can eat it sashimi for all i care


double cut bone in ribeye?


yep… from friggin ralphs… imagine how it would look from an actual butcher


how was it? Hard to get a perfect med rare on a steak that thick w/o sous vide.


With a cast iron? Just keep cooking until it’s how you like it. As long as you manage the fire not to burn. worked out well.


problem is, the middle will be med rare but the outer half will be well done. Of if you cook it where the outer edge stays med rare, the middle is completely raw.


Weird. I detect massive differences in pork of any kind of high quality. I’ve never actually had Sotto’s chop…now I wonder if it just sucks and is not well-sourced.


No problem. That’s how it is in Spain and Italy. Love it raw inside and completely crusted outside. Yea if I wanted to I’d just pop it in the oven like restos do


I don’t typically order pork chops, however the one at Chi Spacca is really quite good, worth checking out.


it’s just a milder red meat… it’s less red… , there’s a reason “the other white meat” campaign took off… people almost believed it.

that’s why when we bbq it, we make sure to marinate and only cook on mesquite… otherwise on gas it’s gross.



Reverse sear and call it a day?


Holy fuck, do they cook the pork chop at Sotto over gas?? No wonder it fucking sucks!

In general, I would agree regarding lower quality pork, and certain cuts of pork. But high-end, or I suppose what people call “heritage” breeds of pork are extremely flavorful to me, much more so than steak. I actually would rather have a pork chop like the ones served at Hatchet Hall (source: Peads and Barnetts) rather than steak 9/10 times. They are cooked over wood fire there, though, among other things (Salt’s Cure and Bestia also cook heritage pork over wood fire, two other places I quite enjoy pork).

All pork is not created equal to my tastebuds.




Or sous vide.


Well it’s official. Turns out I DO like a good porkchop at a restaurant. Chi’s is outstanding.


Have you tried the pork chop at Sotto? Really good. Not quite as good as Chi Spacca but close.


This whole conversation of not really being down with pork chops came after the Sotto pork chop. It’s just a thing I have. Unless it’s flavored heavily i’m not going to be thrilled about it. The rib meat on the one at Sotto was dope though.