CHI SPACCA - Anyone been lately?


Ok, the one other dish is usually an appetizer or antipasti, not another entree. Possibly closer to a third of the pie left instead of a quarter, maybe a half if we’re not as hungry, along with some of the mashed potatoes. But yeah, everything else is gone.


very elite


I support your eating habits. I feel like I should try this next time I go to Chi-Spacca.

I would say that the bone marrow pie was my least favorite dish on our last visit, too rich/heavy and one note for me.


That pork chop is like 1.5 lb of meat… on top of a 2 lb meat pie… after all of that charcuterie… you’re on some kind of eating contest stuff… wow. impressed


The Veal Tongue with oregano vinaigrette is ALL WORLD!!!


We like that one a lot for one of our “other” dishes.

I can see that. We alternate bites of that with the other dishes but we also like deep rich braised dishes like that. The crust holds up pretty well reheated in toaster oven the next day. Makes for a nice snack. [quote=“Nemroz, post:104, topic:479”]
you’re on some kind of eating contest stuff… wow. impressed

I don’t know if it’s something to be proud of most of the time. It does make for a big food bill. We do punch above our visual weight class. It’s a frequent occurrence for the waiter to question the amount of food we’re ordering and be surprised afterwards at how much we ate. We rarely order alcohol but the waiter usually gets a nice check and tip out of us still due to the amount.

One of the few times my large capacity came in handy

SoCal represent!


Anyone going tomorrow night for the Burnt Ends dinner with Dave Pyles? I’m hoping to be there, the menu certainly looks tasty enough…
Smoked Quail Eggs
Jamaican Chicken
Beef Marmalade
Flor Prosecco

Grissini and Taramasalata
Eggplant and Miso
Leek, Hazelnut and Brown Butter
2015 Germano “Hertzu” Riesling

Halibut and Za’atar
2015 Bisci Verdicchio

Rump Cap and Lobster Hollandaise
2015 Sottimano Langhe Nebbiolo



Four of us had a seriously great meal the other night.

The appetizers ended up having a cheese theme. I didn’t get a good photo of the focaccia di Recco. We did not spring for the $110 white truffle supplement.

squash blossoms ($12)

parsnips with smoked burrata ($16)

grilled octopus ($30)

I thought these were roasted turnips but the receipt says radishes ($10).

lamb sausage ($25) as presented

sausage revealed

Tomahawk chop ($90), didn’t get a photo of the chanterelles ($16)

The butterscotch budino ($11) was to my taste the perfect dessert to follow that meal. We also had a cranberry sorbetto ($12) and a banana cream slab ($12 for a huge serving). And finished with as good a Marsala as I’ve ever had.

I brought a couple of wines since their list is so expensive, but the delicious 2015 Pavese Blanc de Morgex et de la Salle was a good value at $66 and goes with absolutely anything. The 2015 Danila Pisano Rossese di Dolceacqua ($56) was nice but a little light and delicate for the lamb and pork. Since we bought two bottles, we paid no corkage on the two I brought.


yea i’ve ordered this last 2 times. it’s lovely


Can I PLEASE have more fennel pollen with my Tomahawk!



I’ve never seen tongue sliced so thin.


3rd visit of 2017. Most exciting restaurant for us. Got 5 things we never had and again, it was incredible.

had some liver starters at salt’s cure… both the negroni and the coal miner’s daughter were perfect

zucchini flowers were really nice, lovely sweet cheese, but the tomato/apple cider vinaigrette was the kicker here… stunning really… going to try and repeat

foie was stellar… rich, creamy, just enough tartness, a surprise layer of truffle… but the pears… JFC those roasted pears were pears on steroids… i wonder if they’re basting them with pear liquor or something… brioche had a stick of butter on it lol

testa… has replaced the veal tongues on the apps (temporarily i’m told) and was lovely, decadent… not headcheese that we’re used to… testa is headmeat in lardo… fuckin pork butter

by this time i’m feeling like i’m going to get one of those IBS reactions from too much fat but we press on… finished their lovely white that we bought so we can open our red…went way back into the cellar to find our last Jack Creek pinot

then they brought out the big surprise of the night. … Absolutely phenomenal dish. wifey lost her shit… mind blown… she couldn’t believe what was happening with every bite… maybe we were already well lubricated, and in a good mood… but i agreed… everything was perfect about the amberjack collars… sits atop of Nancy made Labneh (ridiculous), topped with a chimichuri like herb salsa, with spicy chili accents that hit out of nowhere… burned lemon… fish fatty as heck, broiled until everything is crispy and melty… so much meat on those things as well

then the lamb neck came out… olive, mint,. wine, garlic, everything working together… cooked really well… tons of meat… this dish basically negates my need to order tomahawk pork (90) or fiorentina (175 for small) because it’s under 30 IIRC… how’s that for a red meat price differential… glad we took the server’s advice on the lamb necks and the fish collars… she liked our pinot, though i found it too jammy

grease between courses

knock out punch at sweet lady jane


I do wish Chi Spacca could run over cocktails from Mozza next door, though I suppose it’s a hassle for them. I like to start my meals with a cocktail before moving onto wine as well.

Thanks for the report!


Sounds fantastic. I don’t think they had the foie, collar, or lamb neck on the menu when we were there last week.


Does this mean there is no goat as per their online menu, or did you just not happen to lean that way?


Didn’t notice any goats. I’d always choose lamb though, being of one of the lamb based people



Wish they wouldn’t bother listing it online if they’re going to take it off so fast.

I love lamb, but goat hops are much harder to come by, sigh.

Appreciate the info though.


jamaicans are probably the only people i trust with goat.


You should’ve had it when Chad Colby used to make he chops at Chi Spacca. Would’ve changed your mind about that probably :stuck_out_tongue: (Salt’s Cure also used to do them when they were young and hip; they were truly unbelievable, I still think about them 5 years later).