milk roasted pork loin is sleeper dish on menu


Excellent menu. I’d have added a second meat dish, but probably wiser not to.


The veal tongue is a nice light starter


bru… lamb sausage, bru


Great report @Chowseeker1999.

Just reading this thread makes want to take my omegas.

The duck looks wonderful, but @PorkyBelly’s pre-glazing photo and both your comments make me want to to try it unadorned.

Remedy for the pancetta / lardo - smear it on crostini like butter? If it was home it would get used to sauté aromatics or melted into a sauce for flavor, but I digress…

I have question: is it wrong to use your powers of persuasion to get your dinner companions to order everything you want so you can try it? :relaxed:


going back next weekend and she’ll be out of keto. jazzed
(are we still saying jazzed? am old)


Hi @TheCookie,

No, not at all. :wink: