Chong Qing Special Noodles - Official Review Thread


Have you had the same dish at Northern Cafe? The last flavor I get b/f swallowing is a sharp and tangy flavor. Not sure how else to describe it, except as citrus. I get the same flavor from the gele mountain chicken at Chong Qing Special Noodles. Perhaps it’s the seasoning you’re referring to, b/c there’s something a bit “artificial” about the flavor.

If you think Best Noodle House is better, maybe I should hit it up…

Edit: argh!!! I should’ve read up on both places b/f making decision this past weekend. I found the spicing at Chong Qing Special Noodle to be a bit in-your-face, and the Gele chicken wasn’t quite as perfectly fried as I had remembered it. Well, next time. :slight_smile:


It’s the mixture of cilantro and vinegar. Cilantro generally has a citrus-y flavor to it, and couple that with the vinegar, you will get what some people find to be an artificial sour or tangy note.


went back for lunch today. service was very good, water glasses refilled almost…relentlessly - but wasn’t necessary - had the chongqing, dan dan & biang biang noodles (and the complimentary chicken). the chonqing was the least well received of the three noodle dishes, but the consensus was that instead of overdoing the mala, each dish was spicy, yet retaining its own distinct flavor profile. one may prefer best noodle, but good cooking is being done here.