Church and State - the old and forgotten


Ate here this past weekend and had such a good meal. They’re celebrating 10 years this year and seems to be all but forgotten in our community. On a Saturday night at 6:45pm, they were busy but we were able to walk in (party of 4) without a reservation and grab a table outside.

Didn’t take any pictures but here’s what we ordered:

Baguette with butter - baguette was really good (notch below Republique), butter was ok
Frisee salad - Awesome with perfectly cooked runny egg
Onion Soup - Awesome
Beef tarare - really nice beefy flavor with a slight kick in the spice department. The accompanying salad was also really nice and cut through the richness of the beef really well.
Boar ragu pasta - Forgot the name of the pasta but was definitely fresh made in house and cooked really well. Had some curry flavor profile which I didn’t expect. Was good but maybe my least favorite dish of the night.
Duck confit cassoulet - Everyone should be running to try this dish! Insanely good and at $27 (pre tip and tax and uber), a crazy good value as well.

All washed down with a nice bottle of french red.

Too full for desserts.

I’m not sure who’s manning the kitchen here these days but the cooking is super solid. Compared to my recent dinner at Bestia, this dinner for 2 more people (granted very small people) was less than half the price and enjoyment factor was pretty damn close.