Clifton's Cafeteria Opening


Anyone going to Clifton’s Opening private party Monday Sept 21st or opening day to the public Tuesday Sept 22nd 11am?


I never made it out to Clifton’s in its original incarnation. I’ve always been curious how good or bad it is, but now with a new chef here and totally new redesign, I’m curious.

Can’t wait for the reports.


No, but I’m hoping you give us a report and some photos, if you go soon… =)


Might go later this week. Trying to avoid opening day crowds.


Will try to go on Friday after my trip to the Broad…Will report back!


You’ll hear folks wax nostalgic about the mac n’ cheese, the jello, some desserts, but truth to tell the food was bad cafeteria food by the end. The atmosphere was what made it unique.


Eater says the public opening is delayed to Wednesday or Thursday.


What was unique about the atmosphere? It was just kind of dark and damp, sort of like a wet rag you find underneath your fridge.


I thought it had a Twin Peaks vibe. And how many restaurants have you been in that have a chapel?


Memo to self: don’t go near Ipse’s fridge.


More like Twilight Zone


Me scared. Looking forward to Wienermobile’s report.


So how was that Cliftons shit for anyone that happened to try the fucking foods ???

Btw. The site looks pretty fucking decent and that’s high praise.


Correct. Clifton’s is not opening on Tuesday Sept 22nd…. it’s just a short delay according to LA Eater

"They are now saying that a late-week unveiling is more likely than the Tuesday arrival first alluded to last week.

Look for a Wednesday or Thursday arrival instead (you can keep tabs on updates via their social media outlets), and if you were one of the smart ones who purchased a ticket to the special banquet dinner to benefit the LA Conservancy, there’s no need to worry at all — that party is tonight, and it’s going down as planned."


I just happened to read this interesting and somewhat surprising story about Cliftons:


Now doesn’t this just scream “Twin Peaks”? I keep expecting the Log Lady to come wandering by.




has anyone seen ANY of the cocktails coming out of this place? i have 0 interest in mac n cheese + pizza.


Actually I ate there every day for two years at the Century City location back in the 1970s. That one had no atmosphere at all.


Two of the yet unopened bars at Clifton’s. I hear that there’s a tiki bar coming soon too. Photos Wonho Frank Lee