Cocktails - What Are You Drinking?


Sad Paloma. :disappointed_relieved:


Thank you for introducing this fun topic.

My favorite cocktails:

Vesper Martini. I told the bartender at Short Order (now closed) in the Third and Fairfax Farmers Market that I like cocktails with gin, no sweet elements, bitter elements welcome, no food that has to be chewed (fruit that’s not juiced, cucumber slices, etc.). He said that he thought I’d really like a Vesper. I certainly did and do.

Gin Martini. I don’t think a recipe is needed. My favorite gin is Aria.


Gin and tonic. Fill a glass with ice. Pour an inch or two of Aria gin in the glass. Fill with Q tonic. Serve with a wedge of lime.

Bloody Mary. I like Michael Ruhlman’s recipe because I think fish sauce is a great addition. Also, I really like horseradish.


I’ve not tasted a whole lot of gins but really like Plymouth.

Do you use Fever Tree tonic? Outstanding IMO.

Ooh, fish sauce. Anything I’ve used it in has been enhanced. I also prefer my Bloody Mary made with gin even though I’m a vodka drinker usually.


I’ve been doing my take on an innocenti:

1 oz Navy Strength Gin (I like Leopold’s)
.75 oz Dry Vermouth (I like Dolin)
.75 oz Kina L’Aero D’Or (you can use any quinquina like Lillet)
.25 oz Benedictine

Ice, stir, serve up with lemon rind.

*I have had success using a standard proof gin by upping the amount to 1.5 oz.

My take on The Left Hand:

1.5 oz bourbon (I like a wheaten bourbon here)
.75 oz sweet vermouth (something big like a Punt e Mes or Antico Carpano)
.75 oz Gran Classico
Dash of Chocolate Mole bitters

Ice, stir, up with a flamed orange rind.

I’ve also been doing lighter Negronis by subbing in Amaro Angeleno for the Campari and using a lighter sweet vermouth like Dolin or Miro.


@maccrogenoff, if you like Negronis, have you tried the aged one at Mozza? They go down very easy.


I’ve tried Plymouth. I like it, but I like Aria best. I’ve tried Fever Tree tonic. I don’t like it.


I’ve had Negronis at Mozza, but I don’t remember that they were aged. The best Negroni I’ve had was at the sadly short lived Moruno. Moruno was in the same spot as Short Order where I had my first Vesper martini.


At least in Newport, they have a little cask at the bar where they do the aging. A much smoother taste, although it’s $18. I was just there Thursday- so tasty.


What tonic do you prefer?


My favorite tonic is Q tonic. BevMo carries it. It’s sweetened with agave syrup. To me, agave syrup adds sweetness without adding any other flavor. To me, the cane sugar in Fever Tree overpowers the bitter flavor of the quinine. I am a big fan of bitter flavors so you might prefer Fever Tree.

For the record, I don’t believe that any sweetener has health benefits over any other. In my view, it’s all about the flavor. I use cane sugar liberally when I bake.

Here is an article that compares Q tonic and Fever Tree.


Thank, mac. I might prefer Fever Tree due to the bitterness factor but I should give Q a try. I’ve heard good things about it also. I’m pretty sure Total Wines carries it.


I like Fentimans tonic but have some Q on hand as well. I put a dash (or two) of dry vermouth in my G&Ts.


This one is for you @thechez5. Mai Tai at Trader Sam’s (Dineyland Hotel), one of my favs :tropical_drink: .


That looks great! I’ve still never been there. :weary:


Me, too. Should that be a confession? :wink:


Give it a try guys @thechez5 and @attran99 . It’s not Smuggler’s Cove or False Idol level, but very good. Most of the bartenders are quite knowledgeable and are great at making off-menu drinks like Three Dots and A Dash (because Luxardo cherries).

I do have a pass, buy you can bypass Disneyland entirely. Currently 3 hours free parking at the hotel and there are plenty of good places to eat. Oh, and you must sit at the bar- not just inside for the full experience.