Coffee in Larchmont


So I guess New Yorkers are no longer Americans?

And making bagels doughy and bread-like (a la Noah’s or Goldsteins) has as much to do with the ease in which it is to make them (vis-a-vis a chewier, denser bagel product such as one from, for example only, Bagel Hole or Ess-A-Bagel) as much as it does with customer preference.


I agree with the ease-of-use point. I also agree that New Yorkers are Americans.


It’s Hancock Park which has like almost no commercial zones besides for the Larchmont Village.

RIch soccer moms with nothing to do?

Plenty of cheap parking for hipsters and wannabe screen writers combined with the fact there are multitudes of tables for them to work on their “scripts”.

The reason why there aren’t any good restaurants on that street?

Vegans, RAWgans, Vegetarians-who eat Fish (yes I know they are called pescatarians but you get the idea), and gluten free assholes would make it a nightmare.


Brooklyn Bagel Bakery reopened last week according to folks on Yelp. I gotta make the drive one Sunday… soon.


I saw that on eater too. I live pretty close but I’ve been working way too many hours this month to go anywhere or do anything (grumble). I have a couple of xtra days off next weekend (thankfully—these deadlines are killing me) and will try to pop by and pick up some onion bagels. I hope they are still decent!


That is a great name for a punk band. :smiley:


They are now open!! They’re in the same building, but moved the retail operation into a much smaller side space. Line out the door Sunday mornings, but it moves quickly. Bagels are the best in town IMO.