Copenhagen suggestions


Looking for eating suggestions in Copenhagen. I will be there for three nights. Doing Noma and geranium for two dinners, other than that I don’t have anything planned. No price range and open to everything.


I’m there next week; will report back. I’m in Sweden now and all the chefs eat at Sanchez for tacos on the weekend. I can get good tacos in LA but we’ll see. Will also have a rec for something traditional Danish.


What I can tell you right now is that you will have a great time if you take a trip to Stockholm as well and dine at Frantzen. Dinner last night was top class; 3* easily and an absolutely fantastic experience.


I was extremely close to booking a flight to Sweden to go to Faviken, but the trek to Faviken convinced me otherwise. I’ve heard nothing but great things about Frantzen, perhaps mid to end of summer :thinking:


I’m going to Faviken tomorrow. I made the trek to Jamtland area this morning and am dead tired after drinking too much at Frantzen last night. But, time it right and it doesn’t seem so bad - I’ll write down a list of steps for the best way to get there…it’s out of the way but seemingly not quite as hard to get to as the documentary dramatizes. It is hard to book the Faviken accommodations but you can easily do a hotel (that would be Copperhill Mountain Lodge in Are) and taxi over. After tomorrow night, I’ll have an opinion on whether it was all worth the effort to come out here!


Yes, please let me know. Sounds like you did what I would have done if I went to Sweden.